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Daisy Shah, Says She Don’t Want To Disappoint Her Mentor and Co-star

Doing stunts all by myself has been deliberate decision

Daisy Shah, Says She Don't Want To Disappoint Her Mentor and Co-star
Daisy Shah, Says She Don't Want To Disappoint Her Mentor and Co-star, flickr

Actress Daisy Shah, who is busy promoting her forthcoming film “Race 3”, says that she didn’t want to disappoint her mentor and co-star Salman Khan in the action film.

Interacting with media on Wednesday during a promotional event, Daisy, who started her career in the entertainment industry as an assistant to choreographer Ganesh Acharya for 10 years before Salman gave her break in “Jai Ho” before she is again sharing screen space with him, said: “I think life is about challenges. You have to face challenge since your birth.

“For me, to get break in ‘Jai Ho’ was a challenge and my journey after that depends on my work and luck so, I think blessing of my parents has helped to reach this stage and I am really fortunate that Salman Khan lifted me from one level and helped me to reach another level.

“After that things depend upon my hard work to lift that level further. Salman Khan is loved by a million people and if he has put his faith on me so, I don’t want to disappoint him. Today, there is sense of confidence and belief in me only because Salman sir believe in my abilities.”

Sharing her experiences on the film, Daisy said: “We are very thankful to the audience that they are giving a good response to our film’s trailer and songs, so it feels nice. Only name ‘Race’ is matching with the earlier parts of this franchise, but other than that, everything is different..”

Salman Khan
Salman Khan, flickr

She said that this film not only has a new star-cast, but its story is also completely different, since the earlier films were about two brothers but “in this film, there is a story of entire family. Flavour of the film is same and this film also has many twists and turns”.

About her character, Daisy said: “I am playing character of Sanjana in ‘Race 3’ and it is very a dark character in the initial phase of the film but towards the end, it gets transformed into a positive character.”

Seen doing high-octane action sequences in “Race 3”, she, about her experience doing action for the first time, said: “I had so much of fun doing action for ‘Race 3’. All of us know that for actresses in Bollywood only get few scenes and songs but ‘Race’ is one such franchise where female actors are given equal importance and they are presented equally with their male counterparts so, this film is not about any specific actor, it’s about performance.

“Doing stunts all by myself has been deliberate decision because I wanted to do all stunts by myself because female actors don’t get opportunity to work in action films and I think when you get such an opportunity, then you have to make most of it. I fractured my ankle while practicing for an action scene and due to that, we had to postpone fight sequence between me and Jacqueline (Fernandez) for one month but when we shot for that, it came out very well as we got some extra time to practice.”

Daisy Shah
Daisy Shah, flicker

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“Race 3”, directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Salman Khan Films and Tips Films, stars Salman, Jacqueline, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy, Saqib Saleem and Freddy Daruwala in lead roles. It will release on June 15. (IANS)

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Actress Daisy Shah Overwhelmed With Bollywood’s Support

Daisy Shah Is completely opposite in real life

Actress Daisy Shah Overwhelmed With Bollywood's Support
Actress Daisy Shah Overwhelmed With Bollywood's Support, Flickr

Actress Daisy Shah says that having started as a humble assistant dancer, she feels overwhelmed to be one of the leading ladies of a commercially successful franchise like “Race 3”.

Daisy told IANS: “When I look at the film’s poster, I feel so surreal thinking about my journey. I was one of the assistant dancers of ‘Race’ 10 years ago, and now I am one of the lead actors of ‘Race 3’, where I have got a chance to share screen space with some of the legends of our country like Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan. I am overwhelmed.”

She began her tryst with showbiz as an assistant dancer under ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Daisy first worked with Salman in the film “Tere Naam” as a dancer.

Emphasising on the importance of luck to grow in the entertainment industry, Daisy said: “Luck plays an important role in Bollywood. We all work really hard to earn success but our luck has to be on the right side, especially from where I come from.

“I started from zero, really. It is about meeting the right people at the right time that makes you go where you do. And I know that in our industry, everyone works hard but not everyone gets recognition. Perhaps that is why I am quite compassionate towards people on a film set, including technicians…because I know I was one of them a while ago,” said the actress.

In “Race 3”, Daisy essays Sanjana, a strong-headed extrovert woman. In real life, Daisy is quite the opposite.

“I am more of an introvert person who is a little shy to get into random chat. I would rather observe people silently. My character is a quite ‘out there’ person,” she said.

For the movie, releasing on Friday, she went through extensive training in kickboxing.

Daisy Shah
Daisy Shah. flickr

“The film has action sequences and my training in kickboxing really helped to gain good reflex. I started my training in kickboxing a year ago because I wanted to learn it. Eventually, it helped me to get things right in the film,” she said.

As “Race 3” is helmed by Remo D’souza — also a well-known choreographer — asked if she wishes to work on a dance movie with him considering her love for the dance form, she said: “I had a brief chat with Remo sir, but of course we need a right script to collaborate in a film.

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“I so wish to dance with Varun Dhawan in a dance film. Hopefully, someday the wish will be fulfilled.” (IANS)