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Dance is A Sure Way to Destress In Lockdown: Terence Lewis

Ace choreographer and dancer Terence Lewis believe that in stressful times like the ones that we live in, dance can help you stay fit and fine

A sure shot way to brighten your mood and make you feel great is to dance to your favorite tunes, like no one’s watching. Ace choreographer and dancer Terence Lewis believe that in stressful times – like the ones that we live in – dance can help you stay fit, alert, and happy. Lifestyle news has it that dance is a great way to bust stress.

“I have long been a believer in the importance of dance for humanity, for the soul. Dance is a universal language that is expressed through the core of your being. Its power to uplift the human vibration by connecting mind, body and soul is unparalleled. Many years ago I started a movement called ‘Any Body Can Dance’ (ABCD) that works to introduce the joy of dance to all. There is so much research on the benefits of dance physically mentally and emotionally,” Lewis, who has judged many dance reality TV shows, told IANSlife.

With almost everything going virtual, due to the Coronavirus crisis and resulting lockdown, his professional training institute is taking requests for dance training from around the world – an idea they had been toying with for years.

Dance is a great stress reliever especially in lockdown. Pixabay

In a recent webinar by Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) and Vidyadaan, an online platform connecting gurus and shishyas, Lewis spoke about the levels and types of training necessary for those aspiring to make a career in dance, and also shared tips to stay fit.

He also said that the live performance industry has taken a massive COVID-19 hit which will continue for a while. “We cannot pretend otherwise. However a lot of artistes are connecting online. So many dancers have created their own versions of my dance video and I am sure these connections will pay off in the long run.”

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How is life in lockdown?

“Days are busy with lots of shoots, interviews, and even online appearances and judging! With all the technology available today we are constantly active online. My institute is conducting classes online, with a big dance camp coming up May 18-23. I am busy with planning and promotions. And like everyone else – I have to cook and clean my house. I do make it a point to fit in some time for yoga and meditation as well, it’s so important for my wellbeing.” (IANS)



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