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Dance to the Rhythm of Gujarati Beats! 4 Boons of Performing Garba in Navratri

Navratri garba at Ambaji temple
Navratri garba at Ambaji temple. Wikimedia

Sep 23, 2017: Navratri is celebrated in different versions in India. Different sorts of customs are performed and individuals appreciate delectable dishes. However, the most furor for people is the Garba, where people show up at a place in beautiful traditional clothes to enjoy garba dance. Garba is a folk dance and tradition to pay respect to Goddess Durga.

Play with mate

Playing Garba is extremely lovely in itself. If you are in a relationship, hitting the dance floor with your partner will bring both of you closer and your relationship will grow stronger. Such occasions help in reinforcing your relationships as well.

Relaxed Mind

Going to such occasions keeps your mindset great. Moving to the rhythms of music in the horde of individuals will bring back the lost energy in you.

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Savor Gujarati meals

Gujarati Dishes. Wikimedia


You will get a chance to savor Gujarati dishes in such times of garba nights.

Ease up stress

Going to such occasions will lessen your anxiety and give you a break from the chaotic life

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Work Emails Cause Disruptions in Personal Life: Study

Mindfulness is within the employees' control, email expectations are not.

Your work emails can affect your health, relationships
Your work emails can affect your health, relationships Pixabay

Does your boss expects you to be ever-connected on emails and work without boundaries? If so, besides causing harm to your health and well-being, it could also lead to conflict in family relationships, a new study has revealed.

Stress due to employers’ expectations of work during non-working hours brings strain in the family ties as the employee is unable to fulfil non-work roles at home.

Such expectations are “an insidious stressor that not only increases employee anxiety, decreases their relationship satisfaction and has detrimental effects on employee health, but it also negatively affects their partner’s health and marital satisfaction perceptions,” said Liuba Belkin, Associate Professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, US.

Employees do not need to spend actual time on work in their off-hours to experience the harmful effects.

If the nature of a job requires email availability, such expectations should be stated .Pixabay
If the nature of a job requires email availability, such expectations should be stated. Pixabay

The mere expectations of availability increase strain for employees and their significant others — even when employees do not engage in actual work during non-work time.

“The competing demands of work and non-work lives present a dilemma for employees, which triggers feelings of anxiety and endangers work and personal lives,” added William Becker, Associate Professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the US.

The findings were presented at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting in Chicago.

According to Becker, policies that reduce expectations to monitor electronic communication outside of work should be ideal to mitigate the adverse effects of negative health outcomes.

When that is not an option, the solution may be to establish boundaries on when electronic communication is acceptable during off-hours by setting up off-hour email windows or schedules when employees are available to respond.

If the nature of a job requires email availability, such expectations should be stated. Pixabay

Importantly, organisational expectations should be communicated clearly, Becker noted.

“If the nature of a job requires email availability, such expectations should be stated formally as a part of job responsibilities.”

Knowing these expectations upfront may reduce anxiety in employees and increase understanding from their family members, he said.

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As for employees, they could consider practising mindfulness, which may help them to “be present” in family interactions, and help reduce conflict and improve relationship satisfaction, said Becker.

However, while mindfulness is within the employees’ control, email expectations are not, he added. (IANS)