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Dance to the Rhythm of Gujarati Beats! 4 Boons of Performing Garba in Navratri

Navratri garba at Ambaji temple
Navratri garba at Ambaji temple. Wikimedia

Sep 23, 2017: Navratri is celebrated in different versions in India. Different sorts of customs are performed and individuals appreciate delectable dishes. However, the most furor for people is the Garba, where people show up at a place in beautiful traditional clothes to enjoy garba dance. Garba is a folk dance and tradition to pay respect to Goddess Durga.

Play with mate

Playing Garba is extremely lovely in itself. If you are in a relationship, hitting the dance floor with your partner will bring both of you closer and your relationship will grow stronger. Such occasions help in reinforcing your relationships as well.

Relaxed Mind

Going to such occasions keeps your mindset great. Moving to the rhythms of music in the horde of individuals will bring back the lost energy in you.

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Savor Gujarati meals

Gujarati Dishes. Wikimedia


You will get a chance to savor Gujarati dishes in such times of garba nights.

Ease up stress

Going to such occasions will lessen your anxiety and give you a break from the chaotic life

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Getting Ready For The Festive Season

Use a shimmery, holographic eye shadow or glittery eyeliner to stand out this festive season.

Festive Season
Looks you can ace this festive season. Pixabay

Look best this festive season with looks that can steal the show.

Suyash Singh, Regional makeup corporate trainer, VLCC and Hair and make up expert Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon suggest a few looks you can ace this festive season.

* Strobing: For a young, fresh, and ultra-luminous look, strobing is a great technique that is slowly becoming a new way to wear makeup. It is a technique that involves illuminating strategic spots on the face to give the skin a bright and healthy look. Strobing is slowly gaining popularity among people who prefer the more natural look to heavy contouring.

festive season
Strobing is slowly gaining popularity. MyGlamm

* Monochrome eyes: Monochrome is all about using single shades like beige, brown, pink and the latest in trend being peach. Use a single shade with smudge liner and smudge kajal along with mascara to complete a perfect monochrome look this season.

* Cat-eyes and bright eyes: When it comes to eye makeup, bright eye and cat-eye look is the perfect way to go this festive season. Dab a touch of shimmer or matt while thick black liner finishes the eye makeup.

* Hair: Different types of curls are in trend like beach waves, soft curls etc but curls should be done according to the weather because humidity might spoil your curls and look very shabby. Hair braids, messy buns, high pony and low buns look more festive.

Festive Season
Find a misting product or nourishing treatment for your hair. Pixabay

* Lips: Glossy or matt – anyone can go quite flexible this festive season. Ombre lip colour is another hot trend this season. Ombre lips are when you use two shades of lipstick and one shade transitions into the second shade seamlessly. They do not just look gorgeous, but are also easy to attain. Just seize some dark colour on the corner of your lips and fill in the rest with a lighter shade and you are done!

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* Glitter: Glitter mania just went a step ahead this season in the makeup world. Use a shimmery, holographic eye shadow or glittery eyeliner to stand out this festive season. (IANS)