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Online Dating Apps Beneficial for LGBTQ Community in India: Tinder

Tinder enjoys a global user base of 3.8 million people and the dating app receives over 7.5 million swipes everyday in India

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Lin Chinxuan, right, holds a reflector as Austin Haung, 32, photographs Kao Shaochun, left, and John Sugden during their pre-wedding photoshoot in Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 11, 2018. Chinxuan and Haung are a couple and together they run Hiwow studio photographing LGBTQ couples. VOA

Accepting that the stigma around their community has drastically lessened in the last five years, 73 percent of the LGBTQ adults believe that online dating apps have benefited their community in a positive way in India, data from dating app Tinder showed on Tuesday.

As part of an internal survey, Tinder found out that while 44 percent LGBTQ adults said online dating apps help them to express themselves more freely, 61 percent people choose to come out about their sexuality on online platforms rather than coming out to friends and family and 39 percent say it has made it easier for them to explore their own identities.

About 44 per cent LGBTQ adults use dating apps that are inclusive of all sexual orientations.

The survey suggests that dating apps have helped the LGBTQ community discover diversity in terms of dating in India and 35 per cent people from the LGBTQ community who use the services say they have more diverse people to date when compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

“Of the 73 per cent people who say online dating apps have had a positive impact, 33 per cent say it has provided more diversity of people to date in terms of sexual orientation, 33 per cent say it has provided more diversity of people to date in terms of race and culture,” the company said.

Tinder Dating App. Source: Digital Trends

The survey highlighted that out of the 61 per cent adults who came out about their sexuality on online apps, 51 per cent were part of the Gen Z group (born between 1995 and 2015) whereas 67 per cent were millennials (born between 1981 and 1996).

“Gen Z were less likely to formally come out than millennials. For those who formally came out, the most common age to do so was 21-25 (33 per cent) while 30 per cent came out between ages 16-20,” the company added.

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Tinder also noted that 30 per cent of the LGBTQ community say the pressure to be in a relationship has lessened in the last five years and today one in five people say they are less ashamed of their single status.

Tinder enjoys a global user base of 3.8 million people and the dating app receives over 7.5 million swipes everyday in India. (IANS)

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Uber Launches Campaign for Women and Youth in India

New Uber initiatives to empower women, youth in India

Uber India
A campaign by Uber will empower youth and women in India. Wikimedia Commons

In a bid to make daily commute safer for women in India, ride hailing giant Uber on Friday launched a new campaign for Uber Auto, which also aims to empower riders with seamless shared mobility solutions.

The company also launched an Uber Moto campaign for youth with convenient doorstep pickup to help them save time from arduous commute and use that time to up-skill themselves.

“At Uber, we’re committed to simplifying the lives of our riders by addressing their everyday challenges through multi-modal mobility solutions,” Manisha Lath Gupta-Marketing Director, Uber India and South Asia, told IANS.

“We believe that our youth have immense potential, however, lack of safe and reliable commuting options often limits their aspirations. In a small yet meaningful way, we are delighted to support the aspirations of millions of men and women to move forward,” Gupta added.

Uber India campaign
The Uber Auto campaign in India is titled as “Badey Iradon Ki Chhoti Sawaari,”. Pixabay

Targeted primarily at women commuters, the cab hailing giant’s Auto campaign, titled “Badey Iradon Ki Chhoti Sawaari,” aims to provide women safe, reliable yet affordable travel options, thus, enabling them to fulfil their aspirations.

Instead of being dependent on friends and family for picking and dropping them, or standing on roads waiting to find a reliable mode of transport, Uber Auto allows women to step out whenever they need to.

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The company’s Moto campaign, titled “Sapno Par Hoja Sawaar” aims to inspire the young working professionals whose aspirations get dampened because they spend long hours commuting and have to change multiple modes of transport to find the most economical option.

Both the campaigns would be seen across digital, print and out-of-home advertising (OOH) platforms, said Uber. (IANS)