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Take a break from all the household responsiblities and treat yourself with a Detox session this Mother's Day. Pixabay

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so go ahead and plan some guilt free ‘me-time.’

While you spend most of the days in lockdown working and taking care of the needs of family and home, it’s time to take care of yourself. Try a special skin detox session for a refreshing break from her daily hustle and for some rest and relaxation.

Dr Geetika Mittal, a consulting dermatologist at Cetaphil believes a rejuvenating detox session is the perfect way to unwind. She shares five simple ways to pamper yourself on Mother’s Day:

Make a refreshing summer cooler

A common recommendation for good health and great immunity is Vitamin C. With summers setting in, make a refreshing lemonade with mint leaves and honey. This will leave you feeling rejuvenated and will help detox you body as well add a natural radiance to her skin.

Cook a fresh healthy meal

For just seven days, make her some healthy delicious meals loaded with fruit nuts, dry fruit, vegetables and greens. Please ensure they are cleaned thoroughly though and don’t allow the grumbling at the table to get the better of you.

Treat yourself with a health meal this mother’s day. Pixabay

Balanced skincare routine

As mothers represent the epitome of gentle care, you need to care for your skin too. Ensure you have the right set of products to cleanse and moisturise. The right choice of products are is naturally fulfilling and basically help to enhance the cells and help the removal of skin impurities in a much easier manner, thus improving overall health.

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Light exercising

Opt for light yoga asanas, simple stretching and meditation to help feel at ease. This will help relieve stress and get rid of muscle stiffness too. After all, a bit of sweating is essential.

Cleansing bath

Using right bathing products such as a cup of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a few drops of olive oil or a few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water will help you feel refreshed.

With these simple skin detox tips, you can give yourself a day you really deserves. (IANS)


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A Hindu is not forced into a mental straitjacket.

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In my view the greatest thing about being a Hindu is that one can be an open-minded, ‘normal’ human being, who is given plenty of insights and tips from the Vedas and other ancient texts on how to refine one’s character, how to anchor one’s awareness in the present and how to ultimately realize one’s oneness with the Divine Presence that is inside us and in everything.

A Hindu is not forced into a mental straitjacket. He does not need to think certain thoughts, which are against common sense and which are divisive, like for example the dogma of Christianity and Islam that “we alone have the full or final truth, and the Almighty will make all those, who do not accept this ‘truth’ and convert to ‘our only true’ religion, suffer in hellfire forever.

A Hindu has his conscience and the insights of the ancient Rishis as his guide.

In contrast, a Christian or Muslim has to suspend his conscience if it contradicts what his religion demands from him. This is a very serious point. The Jihadis for example might otherwise be kind youth, who would not kill people of other religions, if they had not been taught that it is their religious “duty” to ‘make the whole world for Allah’.

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