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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal calls PM Narendra Modi and his Government “Anti-Army”

Arvind kejriwal questions the central government on OROP, disability pension and SIT reports.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wikimedia

October 27, 2016: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday attacked the Narendra Modi government, calling it “anti-army” and accusing him of “just using” the army’s sacrifices for political gains.

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He further added that the central government has given the Special Investigation Team (SIT), formed to investigate the anti-Sikh riots, “another” extension.

A few days back, a media report stated that the armed forces were disappointed with the letters issued by the Defense Ministry regarding their rank differences and their civilian counterparts.

AAP’s convener, Kejriwal responded to the report in his tweet by saying- “Weak OROP, reduction in disability pension and now this. Isn’t Modi government anti-army? They just milch (sic) army’s sacrifices for political gains.”

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According to the report, the rank of the army officers would be brought down as compared to their earlier status, after the circular issued by the Defense Ministry. The OROP (One Rank One Pension) would grant an equal pension to the retired armed forces personnel as well as to the officers who are retiring now.

The government has recently changed the disability pension, which was equal to the last drawn salary of the Indian soldiers for 100% disability and has reduced their pension by a huge amount. However, the Defense Ministry asked the Anomaly Committee of the 7th Pay Commission to withhold the system and continue the old system.

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In another tweet, Kejriwal questioned the government over the SIT investigation of 1984 riots. He tweeted, “Extension after extension. Zero result till now. Obviously, there is no intention (to bring justice). Intention is to save culprits of 1984 riots.”

The SIT was initially given six months to file the report in February 2015. Since then, two extensions have been provided to the team. According to the media report, the SIT has been given another extension till February 2017.

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PM Modi Advises Scientists To Use Science to Improve Lives

PM Narendra Modi tells Scientists to use science to improve the lives of citizens

Modi advises Scientists
Prime Minister Modi tells scientists that science and technology should be used to bettering the lives of citizens. Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called upon scientists to take up challenges in their research for bettering the daily lives of common citizens, especially farmers, help in reaching clean drinking water, solar power to the people, and solving problems such as pollution.

Highlighting the importance of ‘science for society’, Modi said when all “scientists, all citizens, will move forward with this understanding, both the country and mankind will be benefited”.

“To know the connection between science and society, we have to give answers to some questions. Everybody knows the pollution problem due to increased use of plastic. Can our scientists take up the challenge to come up with saleable and cost effective material which can take the place of plastic?” the Prime Minister asked while inaugurating the India International Science Festival through video conferencing from Delhi.

Indian PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi highlights the importance of ‘Science for Society’. Wikimedia Commons

Modi exhorted scientists assembled from India and abroad for the mega event whether they can take up the challenge to find a better way to store energy or electricity.

“Can we get a solution so that the use of solar power can go up, can we come up with an innovation related to battery and other infrastructure to reach electric mobility to the common man?

“Have we thought of doing something in our lab which can improve the lives of crores of people? Can we find a solution to local drinking water problems and reach clean drinking water to the people?” he asked.

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Modi also urged scientists to ponder over whether they can invent something which would cut down healthcare cost, and benefit peasants by increasing their income.

“We have to think how use of science can help in easing the lives of the people,” he said. (IANS)