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Delhi Government Set To Launch Anti-Pollution Campaign From November 2

The campaign will be launched in all the 272 wards in Delhi from November 2

The Delhi government is all set to launch the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ Anti-pollution campaign in all the 272 wards here from November 2 in a move to reduce pollution in the national capital.

Motivating residents to participate in the campaign, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday urged people to prompt five of their peers, friends, or acquaintances to play their part in reducing city pollution by switching their vehicles off while waiting at the traffic signals.

Announcing that the campaign will be launched in all the 272 wards in Delhi from November 2, the minister said the campaign can reduce around 15-20 percent of pollution in Delhi.

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While participating in the campaign near Delhi Gate near Darya Ganj in Central Delhi, Rai said the Delhi government has deployed environment marshals at all traffic signal crossings across Delhi.

“We are witnessing more and more public support towards the campaign of the Delhi government. This campaign is running in all 70 constituencies in Delhi.”

Anti pollution campaign
The anti-pollution campaign will help in reducing the city’s pollution and urges to take part by switching vehicles off while waiting at the traffic signals. Flickr

“Today the team of women marshals has taken the lead in spreading awareness about the campaign. Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain is heading the campaign today, and in the coming days, other cabinet ministers will be taking charge to spread awareness.”

The minister said that the people of Delhi have done some commendable work previously, and “I am certain that they will defeat pollution this time as well.”

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On the question of traffic jams, Rai said, “It is the season of Diwali, and traffic jams during Diwali are a common sight in Delhi. But by following the campaign, we can reduce the pollution caused due to the idling of vehicles during traffic jams.”

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Delhi Cabinet Minister Imran Hussain also joined Rai in the Anti-pollution campaign at Delhi Gate to sensitize people towards ensuring that they switch their vehicles off at the traffic signals.

Hussain said that the people of Delhi are constantly joining this campaign and are switching off their vehicles at red lights to curb the pollution in the city. (IANS)



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