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Delhi People Suffer Amid Coronavirus Crisis While Kejriwal Government Claims To Ensure Proper Aid

Why proper arrangements are not being ensured by the Delhi Government despite the vulnerable Conditions in Delhi?

By NewsGram Correspondent

The Coronavirus crisis has by and large hit the whole world and caused a heavy toll on livelihood, economy and lifestyle.

The total number of Coronavirus cases in India has crossed 2 Lakh in number with a record spike of over 9,000 new cases and several states reporting their highest one-day surge.

Meanwhile, Delhi recorded 1,359 fresh coronavirus cases, which took the city’s COVID-19 tally past the 25,000-mark, and the number of deaths to 650, authorities said. Amid all this, what is more saddening is the lack of health facilities, hospital beds and arrangements in Delhi. Though, the Kejriwal government claims that it has been ensuring proper aid, but the buzz on social media depicted a different scenario.

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Recently, we came across two very disturbing social media posts where 2 citizens of Delhi mourned the loss of their loved ones due to coronavirus and claimed that they were neither provided with a hospital bed nor were ensured proper aid by the government/private hospitals in Delhi. The Kejriwal Government has been blamed for not ensuring proper facilities in the national capital which is worsening the scenario.

Arvind Kejriwal, coronavirus crisis
Who will take the responsibility if the conditions keep on worsening in Delhi?

The following tweet shows the plight of a person named Vikas Jain who lost his Brother-in-Law aged 47 years because of no arrangements by the Delhi Government at the hospitals.

Vikas says that his brother-in-law was denied hospital beds and the hospitals demanded a good amount of deposits but still the treatment process was made pathetic by making the patient obliged to shift from one hospital to another despite his serious condition. Meanwhile the patient died and then for cremation the patients’ family was not even provided with PPE kits, they had to self purchase it.

Thereafter, no process was followed for the corona test of the family members of the deceased. Vikas Jain says that the condition is vulnerable.

Have a look at the post:

Coronavirus crisis in Delhi
Screenshot of the post made by Vikas Jain on Facebook.

Another tweet that came up by a lady named Amarpreet, who lost her father due to Coronavirus. On 4th June the lady made a tweet asking for help because her father was suffering from high fever. She quoted that she was standing outside LNJP Hospital in Delhi and the hospital refused to take her father in. The very same day, the lady lost her father after an hour and on the same twitter thread she quoted, “He is no more, the government failed us.”

Look at the tweet here:

The point of the matter is that~ Why proper arrangements are not being ensured by the Delhi Government despite the vulnerable Conditions in Delhi?

There are two more serious questions that arise:

  • Is the Delhi Government waiting for conditions to worsen to a great extent?

  • Does Mr. Arvind Kejriwal feels no sense of concern towards the citizens of Delhi?

NDTV Report
Screenshot of NDTV Report that highlights the plight of lack of medical arrangements in Delhi.

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The answer to these questions can only be justified by the AAP and Mr. Kejriwal himself, but this is not the first time the Kejriwal Government has failed in its endeavours. In the past also, there was a lack of transparency in the party which led to the issue of political funding and mismanagement within the party.

A newly released documentary series “Transparency: Pardarshita” explains it all and a song from the documentary called “Bol Re Dilli Bol” highlights the pathetic condition and the plight of the citizens of Delhi.

Sung by the iconic singer Kailash Kher, you can listen to the song here:

More so, it is better if Mr. Kejriwal realises his responsibilities and start working for the betterment to improve the current scenario and serve the citizens of the National Capital with utmost sincerety.




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