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Delhi Police is Hassled by 72,000 Blank Calls on a Daily Basis, some callers Dial the Police Control Room Helpline Numbers over 50 times

People should be careful before dialing the Police helpline number 'by mistake' for the umpteenth time!

New Delhi, December 26, 2016: Delhi Police is plagued by around 72,000 “blank calls” on a daily basis with some callers dialing the Police Control Room helpline numbers over 50 times “by mistake”.

With 112 also being in the trial run, along with 100, the total sum of blank calls received on both these helpline numbers totals to around 72,000 every day, according to the statement of a senior police officer.

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Earlier, the PCR unit received around 27,000 calls on an average with around 40 per cent of them being blank calls every day.

A list of such callers who “harass” the control room personnel with repeated calls has been prepared and shared with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and DCPs of the districts concerned.

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The list contains detailed information of the callers who have dialed 100 and 112 (India’s equivalent to 911 of the US all-in-one emergency services) four or more times “without any reason”, the officer mentioned

“On one of the days, we received over 99,000 blank calls. In the last couple of weeks, we have looked into the details of these calls and made a list of 67 callers who dialed the numbers four or more times. We have sent the list to DoT for a solution,” he added.

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The PCR unit has also pointed out a few callers who have dialed 100 or 112 around 70 times or more, traced their addresses.  The concerned DCPs were also made aware of the details.

“We dialed some of these numbers and most of them said they had dialed the numbers by mistake. They could have dialed once or twice by mistake, but it’s unlikely that someone would do that 70-80 times,” he said.

– prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram with PTI inputs. Twitter: @dubumerang



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