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Demonetisation has not affected me as I don’t have any Black Money, says Superstar Aamir Khan

Mumbai, Dec 17, 2016: Superstar Aamir Khan says that demonetisation has not affected him in any way as he doesn’t have any black money and called for supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative.

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“I wont lie, I will be honest… demonetisation didn’t affect my life much. I believe it affected those people who have black money… I don’t have any black money… I have been paying my taxes till date. So I don’t have any black money at all,” he said at an event here.

“I spend money through my credit card or cheque so it didn’t affect me much. I know many people had problems and I feel sad for them but I am also happy that our Prime Minister has taken an initiative, so we should support him,” he added.

Aamir, who has three children, also said he would help them only if they are deserving.

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“My son is studying theatre and my daughter is planning not to study… she is going on my route. I will help them but I will not help them beyond what a normal person should help. If I feel they are talented and they deserve help then I will help. If I feel they are not deserving, then I will tell them that they are not deserving and I will not help in that way,” he added.

Aamir will now be soon in “Dangal” which is slated to release on December 23. (IANS)



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