A Devotee from Agra donates 2 kg Gold Sandals to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

For the celebrations of Guru Purnima, Sandhya Gupta has donates 2 kg gold sandals to the Shirdi Saibaba Temple

2 kg gold sandals
Saibaba. Wikimedia
  • Sandhya Gupta, from Agra, has donates 2 kg gold sandals to Shirdi’s Saibaba temple
  • Her donation has been installed in Dwarkamai Temple
  • The donation was given by Sandhya Gupta to mark the occassion of ‘Guru Purnima’

July 12, 2017: The Shri Saibaba Sanathan Trust (SSST) in Shirdi has received 2 kg gold sandals as donation by Sandhya Gupta, a devotee from Agra. The donation comes as part of the celebrations for the occassion of Guru Purnima. The value of the 2 kg gold is worth Rs. 60 lakh.

Sachin Tambe, the trustee of SSST told PTI, “The gold sandals donated by Gupta have been ceremoniously installed in Dwarkamai temple”.

Sandhya Gupta stated to the media ““Today, I am very happy as the ‘padukas’ donated by me were accepted as ‘guru dakshina’.”

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Thousands of people from different parts of India gather in Shirdi for the celebrations of 3 day long Guru Purnima.

According to the Economic Times report, the temple had received Rs 9.84 crores in just 9 days in 2017.

Guru Purnima exclusive to India. The Guru is celebrated as also a spiritual guide.

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