DGP Jammu & Kashmir rubbishes ISIS presence in the valley

New Delhi: In the wake of the ISIS backed terror attacks ravaging different cities across the globe, Director General of Police (DGP) Jammu and Kashmir, K Rajendra Kumar, on Monday, ruled out any influence of the outfit in the valley.

Shiv Sena’s official magazine Samana has reported the presence of ISIS flags in Kashmir, and asked the centre address with the issue with an ‘iron hand.’

J&K police have assured that no such activities are taking place in the Kashmir valley and asserted that strict vigilance is being carried out regularly.

“We do not find any ISIS ideology (being followed) in Jammu and Kashmir,” said Kumar to in an interview to a newspaper.

Earlier Shiv Sena had asked for stringent measures against the people involved in unfurling the ISIS flags in Kashmir.

Responding to the concern of Shiv Sena, Rajendra Kumar, asserted that no ISIS ideology is being cultivated in the valley.

He also clarified that cross-border militancy infiltration has declined in the valley. Though local rebellious uprising is still prevailing, he mentioned.

“Infiltration (from across the border) rate has decreased remarkably and there is also a decline in the militancy-related activities in the Valley,” added the DGP.

“Anti-infiltration and counter-terrorist operation is a continuous process. It is a regular feature. The situation is under control. Terrorist actions and crime are on a decline,” said Kumar.

However, there were reports of ISIS flags being hoisted post-Friday prayers recently. Moreover, the masked youths who had allegedly hoisted the flags had also instigated mobs to pelt stones at security forces.

Notably, a lot of youths were detained by security forces in 2014 for expressing solidarity with the global terrorist outfit and hoisting their flags. However, no organisational presence or hideout of the ISIS has been unearthed till now. The separatist leaders have openly condemned ISIS and clarified no traces of the organisation are present in the Valley.