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How To Study Online: Several Practical Tips For Students Applying For Distance Learning

Thanks to the online learning, students can choose any subject and any degree they are interested in

distance learning

These days the distance learning spreads worldwide. It is popular all around the globe because of the many advantages. Above all, it gives the opportunity to study to the students who cannot afford to study far from home. Moreover, they can choose the program from the different institutions in any country.

Studying online does not obligate you to stay in one place; you can travel, moving around, visit your friends or family on the opposite side of the planet without interrupting your studying process.

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distance learning
Distance learning is a great alternative to studying abroad if you want to get the diploma from the foreign university or college. Pixabay

Tips for Studying Online or Distance Learning

Before applying for the online courses, it is expedient to find out if the distance learning is for you. Three main characteristics can help you with that. First, you have to be self-motivated because there will not be the traditional teachers and classmates that inspire you and give you a nudge every time you have to finish your paper writing or reading the textbook. Second, you have to be strongly disciplined. Without this feature, you will not be able to study consistently. The third one is that you have to love the subject you are going to study. If you assess yourself and find out that all these three characteristics relate to you, you can start your research.

When choosing the online courses or programs, check if they are legitimate. Make sure that the companies, countries and other institutions recognize the diploma or the certificate you are going to get on the end of the course.

The third tip is to check if the courses provide the student support services like a technical support, writing services like or FAQ. You can encounter thousands of different technical problems during the classes with the access, the quality of the sound, incorrect links, etc. You need to have the opportunity to call the hotline and ask them to fix it.

distance learning
As a rule, online classes are cheaper, but if the price is obscenely low, the quality of the courses can also be poor. Pixabay

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Moving forward, the fourth recommendation states that you have to be careful with the courses that are too cheap. Check the type of classes they provide. If you can see the professor and hear his explanations, it is a good option. However, if it is just a bunch of different PDF files, research paper writing, and links, it does not work well. Most likely, you will not learn something useful from that.

The next tip is about the textbooks. As the research states, the paper textbooks are far more appropriate and convenient than the E-books. It is easier to learn from the real book, and the material is perceived better from them. If you have such opportunity, turn the E-books into the paper ones.

distance learning
If you start to procrastinate while studying online, you risk failing. Pixabay

Next, do not procrastinate. It is the worst thing ever when you study online. Even if you work a full day and you are tired by the evening, stick to the schedule. It is only your responsibility and nobody will give you an extra motivation or clear deadlines.

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The problem with the online courses is that you do not have a routine schedule like in the traditional school. You do not have to go to the lecture every Monday or to finish your essay writing by the Friday. It hides some dangerous and requires you to be alert and careful. You have to create your own habits and routines for your distance learning. Furthermore, create some workspace in your house where you are going to study every day. It will help you to be more organized and punctual.

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E-learning – Here’s How Anyone Can Learn New Skills Online

Technology has made the process of learning easier and it would further simplify the process in the coming years. However, users still struggle to find the way that suits them best.

Technology has made the process of learning easier and it would further simplify the process in the coming years.

Learning is defined as the journey of acquiring knowledge or skills through study. It is the constant change in an individual’s life that helps them evolve into wiser beings. Unfortunately, more often than not we find ourselves in a dilemma when we wish to learn but do not have the time. But what if we were to tell you that there is a solution to the problem? That is e-learning.

Let us first understand, what is e-learning?

In simple words, e-learning can be defined as the learning acquired through online content. The content has audio-visual elements and uses gamification as a primary mode of imparting knowledge. Some of the advantages it offers over offline learning are – flexibility, convenience, and affordability.

Now that we are clear about what it means, let us discuss the various mediums through which you can learn online.

  • Trainings:

There are various platforms that offer trainings on in-demand skills and to help explore interest and find your passion. These trainings are designed for a fixed duration, with a proper channel for getting your queries answered. You will also receive a certification at the successful completion of the training. Also, to ensure that you have a flawless experience and avoid any issues, you could search about the platform to check its credibility and also read about the experiences of previous users who did a training.

  • Online tutorials:

With a wide variety of tutorials available, almost anything can be learned online. The tutorials could be in the form of audio, video or a mix of both. These tutorials are designed for the masses, so some students might understand a topic, and some might face difficulty. Moreover, for a user who isn’t sure about what to pursue, it might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Be Positive For Better Learning, Good Sleep
online tutorial are helpful for everyone to acquire skills.

This medium does offer knowledge but without a certification, hence it might not appeal to everyone. Also, having a sound knowledge about how to research online would come in handy while seeking answers to your queries. 

  1. MOOC:

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses where students can enrol as per topic preference. They are well-structured and offer the user the choice to mould the curriculum as per convenience. It also offers an edge over online tutorials because the content is consolidated and collected at a single place for each topic and can be accessed easily. Also, to receive a certificate after the successful completion of the course, you will have to pay an additional cost. As for the queries that might arise, there isn’t a dedicated channel to get them answered hence some platforms might provide assistance and for some, you will have to research and seek answers online. 

Jahiem Johnson, 13, left, helps classmate Kamya Saunders, 13, as they work on an English passage during class at the Washington Leadership Academy in Washington, Aug. 23, 2017. The school utilizes "personalized learning"
MOOC’S Are free online courses where students can enrol as per topic preference.

Technology has made the process of learning easier and it would further simplify the process in the coming years. However, users still struggle to find the way that suits them best.

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To make it simple, each of the medium has its share of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. So, to begin with, it is essential to realize the kind of user you are, what is the objective and the extent to which you are willing to work. Once you have found answers to these questions, pursue a medium that suits you best and do not give up till you have successfully learned the skill.

About the Author: Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Internshala, an internship and trainings platform. (