Diwali 2017: 5 Reasons Why You Should go for Homemade Kaju Barfi!

homemade Kaju Barfi
Most popular sweet on Diwali: Kaju Barfi. Wkimedia
  • The festival of lights is incomplete without sweets
  • Kaju Barfi is one of the most preferred Indian sweets
  • Shopkeepers often add large quantities of sugar to Kaju Barfi, which can be extremely unhealthy

Diwali 2017:5 Major reasons to Eat Homemade Kaju Barfi this festive season

Diwali 2017 is around the corner and the festival of lights is incomplete without indulgent dishes. Sweets like Ladoo, Soan papdi, Kaju Barfi is also known as Kaju Katli are famous sweets associated with Diwali. Kaju Barfi is the most popular sweet amongst all the sweets. It tastes delicious and is highly demanded during the Diwali season.

Kaju Barfi, made of cashews, is heavy in calories and the amount of sugar in Kaju Barfi bought from sweets shops is also very high. Here are the reasons why you should make this indulgent sweet at home in Diwali 2017-

  1. It is un-adulterated: As stated in reports, the silver foil used to decorate Kaju Barfi is not good for health and is considered to be an adulterated food item. In homemade Kaju Barfi, you can easily replace it with kesar.
  2. It can be made of easily available ingredients at home: Kaju Barfi is made up Cashew, Sugar, Milk and Kesar which are easily available food items. You don’t have to buy any special ingredient from the market.
  3. Less Calorie Intake: When you make a sweet dish at home, you can always keep a check on the calories of that dish. You can use skimmed milk for the preparation pf Kaju Barfi rather using full cream milk.
  4. Not heavy on Plate:  Kaju Barfi bought from the shops contain high levels of glucose sugar which is very harmful for health. At home, you can use jaggery or brown sugar to make it less sweet.
  5. You can store it for a longer period: Ready-made Kaju Barfi can be made of Khoya due to which it cannot be stored for more than 4-5 days. Kaju Barfi made at home can last for a longer duration.

-prepared by Pragya Mittal of NewsGram | Twitter @PragyaMittal05



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