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Do What You Love and Earn on the Side With the Pet Affiliation Program

You can now earn money by simplye joining a pet care programme

Pet care programme
According to estimates, the pet care industry in the United States will be worth $21.9 billion in 2020. Pixabay

People treat their furry friends like family. They even create dedicated websites and blogs to share photos and videos of their dogs or cats. If not, their social media pages are brimming with images of their pets.

Why not earn money on the side while you continue to do what you love? It is possible through the Pet Affiliation Program, which allows you to earn commissions when you share product photos or even sell through your site or page.

According to estimates, the pet care industry in the United States will be worth $21.9 billion in 2020. The market has a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% from 2015 up to 2020.

Affiliate marketing is nothing new. It is a multi-billion industry. The State of the Affiliate Market report revealed that it is a $15-billion industry. It is already a mainstream industry. For example, 8 in 10 marketers and advertisers consider it as a legitimate way to boost their revenues and enhance their brands.

How can you earn with the Pet Affiliation Program?

There are multiple business models of affiliate marketing employed by companies. But you can earn somewhere from 10% up to 4035% of the products you sell. If you work with affiliate marketers with high commission rates, you can add on to your monthly income. Some companies also count recurring sales, particularly if you sign up for the EZ Ship.

Pet care programme
The best thing about the Pet Affiliation Program is that you do not need to be an expert on the products you are selling. Pixabay

Another way to earn is to build your team. If you can gather together pet lovers like you, you can all share the same products. They will make the same amount of commission, as stated in the contract. 

On top of the commission you earn from selling pet products, you will also get an additional share from the team earnings.

Once they realize the earning potential, they will also build their respective teams. However, being the primary sponsor, you will receive a specific percentage from sales of the last downline.

Here is a sample computation:

If you sold $200 worth of products, you would earn a 20% commission on top of the standard 10% share. The total earnings you get from the single sale would be $40. The higher the sales, the higher your commission is. With some companies, the maximum you could earn is 35% for transactions over $400.

Pet care programme
Gathering a team of pet lovers can help you earn more money. Pixabay

But I do not know anything about their products!

The best thing about the Pet Affiliation Program is that you do not need to be an expert on the products you are selling. If you own a blog about your pets, just continue doing what you do. If you already have followers, it means they love your writing style, as well as your insights.

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For instance, not all people are aware of pet seasoning products. They can be an excellent topic that you can discuss on your blog. You can share your experience about how the product enhanced the appetite of your dog because it seemed like they are eating a different menu each time. 

Alternatively, you can also talk about how you saved money by using these seasoning products. As you can see, nobody is asking you to step out of your comfort zone. You continue blogging, share the products, and earn a passive income.

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4 Items That You Need To Have With You Everyday

Here is the list of the things that you need to have with you every day. 

For us to get through the day, we need to carry specific items that we need. Pixabay

For us to get through the day, we carry specific items that we need. These are the things that will keep us entertained, help us with our tasks, and for our survival. The most common mistake for a lot of people is that they don’t prepare and anticipate. People are more reactive rather than being proactive. It means that they wait for something to happen before they even respond than being ready before an event unfolds. 

We should be ready no matter what, and you must have the items for communication, for self-defense, for information, and even for purchasing.  If you have all of the essential things, then you are more than ready to face even the worst-case scenario. So here is the list of the things that you need to have with you every day. 

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A Watch

Of course, one of the most important things to know is the date and time. Today, watches don’t just tell you about the time. A lot of people don’t know that some watches have features that are important for survival. These enticing functions are the temperature gauge, chronograph, tide graph, moon phase, time equation, rotating bezel, perpetual calendar, and a GTM indicator.

Of course, one of the most important things to know is the date and time and that is why you always need a watch. Pixabay

Don’t settle for a watch that runs out of battery because it’s a useless watch. Purchase a watch that is durable, classy, high-standard, and will look good on you, and then the Hamilton American Classic watches should do the trick. These are classic and vintage vibe watches that include automatic and chronograph watches. The watch will surely suit your style and any clothes you wear.


The most important thing for daily survival is money. With cash, you can buy food, clothes, have shelter, and if you are bored, you can purchase something that will entertain you. If you are financially stressed, then money is the answer because it can help you get what you want and what you need. The value of money for people is high because some are saving for their needs in the future. 

If you speak it philosophically, you cannot buy everything with money, but it is used to calculate a person’s status. If ever you are in a situation that you don’t have anything with you except for money, then you will still survive and get what you need. You only need to know how to spend, and on what to spend because getting money is not easy. It will take you time to have lots of it.

Cellular Phone

Communication is also vital for a person if they want to get through the day. While there a lot of ways to communicate with other people, a cellular phone is the most accessible way in terms of technological advancement. People get quickly bored with what they have, and that’s why we have smartphones so that we can access a lot of things, and it will keep us from boredom. 

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It is essential to have excellent communication with others. You will need to get in touch with your family, colleagues, or various health professionals. There are pieces of information that you cannot easily send through letter or email because it is inconvenient, but with the use of a cellular phone, it is more accessible. Life and death situations will make you realize the importance of always having a phone.

A mobile phone is one of the most essential items. Pixabay

A Lighter

You might be wondering why you would need to carry a lighter every day, even if you are not a smoker. The answer is that it somehow serves a higher purpose in a survival way of life other than lighting a cigarette. With a lighter, you can light a propane stove for cooking and lit up a candle in case there is a power outage. You can also open a bottle using a lighter, but you need a little practice before you can do that. Last but not least is that you can offer it to your smoker friends or stranger, which is helpful to them.

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No matter where you are and what time it is, always be prepared and simulate that worst-case scenario that will happen in your daily life. Know what you should do and what to bring so that if it happens, you are prepared and ready to face whatever is coming. Always carry with you those items listed above, and you are good to go.