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Women make better teachers than men, says Research

Study suggests, that girls share a better relationship with female teachers than with male teachers, whereas boys show fairly similar relationships with both

Female teachers encourage group participation
Female teachers are considered more sensitive than male teachers. Pixabay
  • Some researchers have claimed that gender of the teacher does play a role in the academic performance of a student
  • Students perceive female teachers to be more sensitive and considerate
  • Female students outperform male students when taught by female teachers

New Delhi, August 6, 2017: If the gender of a teacher plays a role in how efficient his/her teaching is, has been a matter of debate for years, both inside and outside of the classrooms. A lot of research has been done in order to find definite answers to the questions concerning whether gender does affect the performance of the students; whether students score better when taught with a teacher of the same sex, or is it the opposite and so on.

The two views that have emerged, naturally, are that of acceptance and denial. Some researchers have said that students indeed perform better when taught by teachers of the same gender. The reason given for this belief is that students, consciously or subconsciously, hold presumptions regarding the teaching style, level of interaction, which all, basically, have their roots in gender stereotypes.

There are others, however, who do not believe gender or teaching are in any way connected. A student’s academic achievements, according to them, are independent of the gender of the teacher they are being taught by.

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A study by Basow (1995) revealed that students perceived women teachers to be more sensitive and considerate of student ideas whereas male instructors were believed to be more knowledgeable.

Apparently, students find that both male and female teachers have some major quality distinctive to them. However, female teachers take lead, when the study suggesting that girls share a better relationship with female teachers than with male teachers, whereas boys show fairly similar relationships with both, is considered.


Two economists from Texas A&M University reported that female students do even better than their male counterparts when they are taught by female teachers. The analysis of the standardized test scores of over 14,000 middle school students in South Korea, by Jonathan Meer and Jaegeum Lim, shows that when taught by a woman, girls’ scores on average were almost 10% of a standard deviation higher than boys. The economists also found that on substituting a female math teacher to a male math teacher, girls’ scores rose by 8.5% of a standard deviation compared to the boys’ scores.

“Female students outperform male students by roughly a third of a school year more when taught by female teachers than when taught by male teachers,” Meer explained to Quartz.

The gender of a teacher influences the way in which he/she interacts and communicates with his or her students. As Hurt, Scott and McCroskey (1978) have stated it, there is “a difference between knowing and teaching, and that difference is communication in the classroom”. Therefore, there is a possibility that the idea of women being better teachers than men stem from the general perception that female teachers are more empathetic and encourage equal participation and creative expression.

-prepared by Samiksha Goel of NewsGram. Twitter @goel_samiksha


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Violence in Neighborhood Affects the Academic Performance of Children: Study

Impact of violence makes children suffer academically
Impact of violence in the neighborhood, on children. Pixabay
  • Children experience sleep disruptions due to violence in neighborhood, degrading their academic performance 
  • Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases in children as an impact of violence
  • children fall asleep later at night if a violent crime has occurred the day before

New Delhi, July 26, 2017: A recent study has suggested that children experiencing sleep disruptions due to violence in the neighborhood, happen to face difficulties in learning and grasping things at school, which eventually degrades their academic performance. Researchers have revealed that the amount of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ increases dramatically, by sleep disruptions that take place as an impact of violence.

Both an increase in cortisol and sleep disruptions have been observed to have a negative impact on academic performance of students.

The sleep patterns of the children who live close to the place of crime, gets largely affected by these violent incidents, as the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases in the body of children, the day immediately after the incident, the study conducted by researchers at Northwestern, New York University and DePaul University finds.


“Both sleep and cortisol are connected to the ability to learn and perform academic tasks,” said study lead author Jenni Heissel.

“Our study identifies a pathway by which violent crime may get under the skin to affect academic performance,” she added.

The sleep and stress hormones of 82 young people were analyzed. All these were aged between 11 and 18 and lived in a large midwestern city, mentioned ANI report.

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The students were asked to fill out diaries for four consequent days, they wore activity-tracking watches to measure sleep and got their saliva tested three times a day to check for the stress hormone. The sleep patterns of students on nights following a violent crime were compared to their sleep patterns at night when no such incident happened.

The study found that students could only go to sleep later at night, when a violent crime has occurred near their place, which decreased their total hours of sleep, eventually, resulting in tiredness and inefficiency.

The changes in sleep also varied according to the type or intensity of the crime. The variance in sleep and increase in cortisol was largest when the crime committed the previous day was a homicide, it was moderate for assault and sexual assault whereas nonexistent for robbery.

-prepared by Samiksha Goel of NewsGram. Twitter @goel_samiksha


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Newsgram’s Pick: Top Ten Myths Attached to Women

Here are the top ten women myths which need to be changed in order to uplift and empower women and not demoralise the female gender

Carefree women jumping and hopping on the horizon. Pixabay

 By Tusheeta Kaushik

July 5, 2017:  Many women myths have evolved from centuries incessantly and are still pertinent, owing to the fact that adamant and orthodoxical thinking of sexist people never ceases to change. Having stereotypical views against women is a precursor to the low confidence and submissive nature of young girls towards themselves and their work.

Here are the top ten women myths which need to be changed in order to uplift and empower and not demoralise the female gender.

Women of today’s era are equally competent as men. They can travel alone keeping in mind the security concerns. Not only can they travel alone, they can be equally adventurous and playful. As rightly said, “Why should boys have all the fun?”


A girl child can be as smart, intelligent, talented and skilled as a male child if she is given education and allowed to fulfil her dreams to be a valuable resource to the world. Stealing a girl’s right to education and making her do household chores without letting her explore her interests makes her dependent and helpless which in turn makes her a passive victim. Therefore, there should be a thorough scrutinization in places where child marriage is still practised.


Every woman is different in the way she perceives her work and handles pressure. One cannot generalise the whole gender. Being fragile, neutral, strong and balanced is totally an individual’s way of coping up with different pressures in life.

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A woman has full freedom to wear clothes in which she feels comfortable, beautiful and confident wearing irrespective of her age. If a woman wants to ask for it, she might as well ask for it through various casual dating sites. The opposite gender should be taught to embrace the beauty of women and not presume things on the basis of a women’s clothing.


Whether women are too soft and sensitive cannot be generalised, moreover, one of the age-old cliched women myths is that they are required to work at home and men outside the home. Every work whether household or outside the house has its own pressure and every individual has its own way of handling work pressure regardless of one’s gender.


Again, not every female boss is highly emotional. Both the genders need to learn the art of emotional intelligence and apply it at their workplace to avoid conflicts. Bring harmony and work towards bringing positive results as a team.


Being weak on a particular subject is totally based on one’s low level of interest in the subject and their weak scientific and mathematical skills. Not every guy is tech savvy and business minded, similarly not every girl is tech savvy and business minded. Some girls acquire the trait of being creative and some become biologically, politically or numerically inclined. Therefore, one cannot generalise that women are usually weak in science and maths.


Driving is a skill which needs to be practised on a daily basis. While one might feel men are better-skilled drivers than women but female drivers tend to be more cautious and vigilant than their male counterparts, which makes them a safe driver. One again can’t generalise but emotions do play a role in fast, slow or rash driving for both the genders. Therefore, both need to master the art of applying emotional intelligence.


Mood swings i.e. premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a part of a women’s menstrual cycle but being in an awful mood doesn’t necessarily mean a woman is going through PMS. Therefore, generalising this for every woman out there is a total folly on the part of the sexist.


Some women do choose their career in electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, maths, accountancy, car mechanics, politics and fields related to physics. Leaders like Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi, Queen Victoria, Benazir Bhutto, Christine Lagarde, Chanda Kochhar, Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Punita Arora, Padmavathy Bandopadhyay, Divya Ajith Kumar and many more have proved that a woman’s presence and success can be observed at all places. Moreover in today’s world more and more women are getting educated and employed. It is certain that gender prejudice needs to end.

By Tusheeta Kaushik of Newsgram.





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Exclusive: 12 Sexist Remarks that Every Woman can relate to!

A woman in front of mirror. Pixabay
April 20, 2017: 
Sexism exists in every sphere of a woman’s life. We have summed up some casual sexist statements every woman overhears some or the other day.

1) Definition – Man and Woman

Sexist definition exhibits gender bias-ness clearly

2) Inherent Traits

We hear this a lot. Don’t we?

3) Workplace Hazards

If women are capable of earning more. Then, Why not?

4) Body Verdicts

So unfair. Isn’t it?

5) All Girls are akin

Paraphrasing “like a girl” as a disparage? Think twice

6) Virginity Hysteria

Hypocrisy at its best

7) Rape Culture

While accusers of Rape are men, Victims of Rape are women

8) Slut Shaming

Either wear lipstick or dress. You are a “Slut”. End Slut shaming before it disgrace you.

9) Neverending dilemma of female lover

Equal emotions but different perspectives

10) Feminist Slander

Feminism is a misunderstood concept and feminist even more

11) Mothers are always responsible

Parenting is never about blaming games

12) Sons vs. Daughters

Differences begins from home


– by Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94


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