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Hormone Oxytocin In Dogs, Is Responsible for Sensitivity which Makes them Man’s Best Friend

Dog-Human relation as we know is far different from other animals, A new study speaks what's the reason behind their friendly and loving nature toward humans.

hormone oxytocin
Dog's hormone oxytocin sensitivity study. Pixabay

London, September 20, 2017: Ever wondered why some dogs are so friendly with their owners? It’s because of an association with genetic variations in sensitivity for the hormone Oxytocin, reveals a new study.

Since their domestication from their wild ancestor the wolf to the pets we have today, dogs have developed a unique ability to work together with humans.

One aspect of this is their willingness to “ask for help” when faced with a problem that seems to be too difficult.

However, there are large differences in the willingness to ask for help and to collaborate with humans, between breeds and between dogs of the same breed, according to the researchers.

This ability is associated with variations in sensitivity for the hormone oxytocin — known to play a role in social relationships between individuals.

The effect of oxytocin depends on the function of the structure that it binds to, the receptor, in the cell, the researchers said.

“Oxytocin is extremely important in the social interactions between people. And we also have similar variations in genes in this hormone system,” said Per Jensen, Professor at the Linkoping University, Sweden.

“Studying dog behaviour can help us understand ourselves, and may in the long term contribute to knowledge about various disturbances in social functioning,” Jensen added.

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For the study, published in the journal Hormones and Behavior, the team examined 60 golden retrievers whose levels of oxytocin in the blood was increased by spraying the hormone into their nose.

The results showed that some dogs with a particular genetic variant are more sensitive to the hormone oxytocin, making them more likely to seek help from their owners.

These results help us understand how dogs have changed during the process of domestication.

Analysing DNA from 21 wolves, the researchers found the same genetic variation among them.

This suggests that the genetic variation was already present when domestication of the dogs started 15,000 years ago.


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When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

Coffee is rich in caffeine which is known to wake your body and boost energy levels. But is there a specific time when our body needs caffeine?

best time to drink coffee
Do you prefer a cup of coffee every morning to wake your body up? Experts say that is an unhealthy practice. Pixabay

New Delhi, October 13, 2017 : Every morning as you are jostled out of sleep by your alarm, do you unconsciously crave for coffee? ‘Caffeine is just what I need to wake my body and begin my day with rising energy levels, so why not?’ you ask yourself.

Coffee is rich in caffeine which is known to wake your body and boost energy levels. But how does this happen?

How Does Caffeine Affect Sleep?

Caffeine is known to block adenosine receptors in the brain.

For easier understanding, adenosine is a nervous system depressant that transmits signals to our mind that the body is tired and needs rest, and has a slowing, calming effect on the brain.

When caffeine obstructs the production of adenosine, the brain interprets it as an ‘active period’ of the body and begins secreting adrenaline. This is characterized by the several effects of caffeine on the body that include increase in body temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels and an increase in heart rate.

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Additionally, the body also begins to produce dopamine in such a situation, the hormone responsible for mood elevation.

All these factors together work to prevent the body from falling asleep.

Coffee is your savior. And you are doing everything right –you are having rich, steaming coffee, completely devoid of sugar, milk or creamer (because that is the best way to have coffee for health; you had read so in the weekly health magazine). But did you ever wonder if you are having coffee when you should be? When is the best time to drink coffee? 

What, the practice is time conscious!?!

Yes, according to experts, there is a defined best time to drink coffee. And turns out we have all been unaware about it, which is why we have not been availing maximum benefits of the caffeine-rich drink.

A common behavior is to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning in order to wake your body up. However, our body produces the largest amount of a hormone called cortisol immediately after we wake up, which is responsible for making us feel awake and alert.

Cortisol is known to increase the effect of caffeine in the body. While no two people can be the same, cortisol levels typically are the highest when you wake up. Additionally, the body is known to release cortisol between 8-9 am, 12-1 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm. This means, your body might be ‘naturally caffeinated’ at the time when you are usually having your first cup of coffee.

best time to drink coffee
Craving a cuppa every morning? Pixabay

A cuppa in the given hours will not be the best time to drink coffee. Still wondering why?

Consuming coffee in the given hours will dilute the effects of the caffeine, as cortisol will already be working to wake the system up. This will eventually lead to the tolerance to caffeine in your body and you will hence be forced to have more and more quantities of coffee to wake you up, which is in turn an unhealthy practice.

Cortisol, commonly known to many as the stress hormone, is associated with anxiety, fear and fatigue. Thus, doubling the cortisol levels with a cup of coffee will make you anxious and stressed. We are sure that is not how you want to feel like.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

Experts suggest that you should have coffee when the body is producing low levels of cortisol – about three to four hours after waking up.

In an interview with CNBC, Certified dietitian and nutritionist Lisa Lisiewski suggested that the best time to drink coffee might be around mid-morning or early afternoon. “That’s when your cortisol levels are at their lowest and you actually benefit from the stimulant itself”, she said.

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Green Tea Can Help You to Deal With Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth are highly sensitive to that hot or cold drink, then here's a good news !

green tea
Green Tea. Pixabay

Aug 08, 2017: Researchers have developed a new formula made with an extraction from green tea that can fix the problem of highly sensitive teeth as well as help prevent cavities.

Let’s see how Green Tea can deal with tooth sensitivity & prevents cavities:

  • The findings of the research showed that green tea extract epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) stood up to tooth erosion, abrasive brushing and prevented biofilm formation.
  • When the protective layers of teeth are worn away, a bony tissue called dentin is exposed. This tissue comprises microscopic hollow tubes that allow hot and cold liquids and food to contact the underlying nerve endings in the teeth, causing pain. Unprotected dentin may also cause cavity formation.

Cui Huang from Wuhan University in China and colleagues wanted to see through sensitivity issues and beat the bacteria at the same time. They took nano-hydroxyapatite and EGCG, which was shown to fight streptococcus mutans that form biofilms causing cavities, mentioned in ANI.

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These ingredients were combined with the mineral silica nanoparticles, which can stand up to acid and wear and tear.

They tested this formula on extracted wisdom teeth and found that it plugged the dentin tubules.

Dr. Tim Bond from health group The Tea Advisory Panel said, green tea compounds also act as a natural breath freshener, reports ANI.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that the catechins (such as EGCG) stop adhesion of sugar containing materials – the basis of plaque, upon which bacteria feed – producing acids which accelerate erosion of the tooth surface.

– Prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94

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“Goodbye My Brother” Wrote US Marine as the World Bid Farewell to 10 Year Old Service Dog

What have we done to deserve the love of dogs? The world mourns the death of 10 year old Cena.

Cena died at the age of 10.
"May the Lord greet you with open arms and a nice ear scratch" are DeYoung's words on his Facebook post (representational image). Pixabay
  • Michigan and the world bid a teary farewell to Marine service dog who served three years in Afghanistan
  • The 10-year-old Labrador was diagnosed with a pungent form of bone cancer, following which he was put down 
  • The Ceremony was attended by officers of various ranks and cadres and the general public. 

MICHIGAN, August 1, 2017 : “.. And now I am 27, and having to say goodbye to one of the biggest pieces of my life”, said an emotional Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung, as hundreds of people gathered in Michigan to salute and bid a tearful final goodbye to a cancer-stricken service dog who served three-tours in Afghanistan with the US Marines.

Cena, the black Labrador was no less than a hero and received a well-deserved beautiful, military farewell before being euthanized at a museum ship on July 27.

10-year-old Cena was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer. Having been a bomb sniffer for the US Marines until his retirement in 2014, he then became a service dog for Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung, his wartime partner.

Not only did the pair spend every second together for over six months in Afghanistan, they were also responsible for each other’s lives and wellness as they survived military strikes together and headed into Operation Moshtarak, the largest joint militarily operation yet in Afghanistan. Jeff remembered carrying him over his body to cross rivers, and shielding him during Talibani strikes while Cena kept his body warm during cold-dessert times.

Cena was 10 years only when he was diagnosed with cancer.
The duo was more than war time partners, DeYoung called Cena his “brother”. Facebook

Following his retirement, DeYoung had adopted Cena who then helped him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Over the past year and a half, this dog, this brother of mine, has sat with me through homelessness, through missed jobs, my PTSD strikes, and waking up in my bath tub crying,” Jeffery DeYoung had said at a Veterans Day ceremony at Muskegon Community College during November 2015.

An evidently emotional DeYoung had also posted on Facebook publicly about Cena’s final moments with him, whom he fondly called ‘Chicken’. The status had over 250 comments and 62 shares as on August 1, 2017.

Cena was a 10 year old Labrador who served with the Us Marines.
In his post, DeYoung called Cena his “brother”. Facebook

To cherish their final days together, Lance Corporal Jeffrey DeYoung had prepared a bucket list for his “brother” Cena, at the top of which was a ride in a topless Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep was decorated and named ‘Cancer Response Team’ and was joined by multiple Jeep convoys from the lengths and breadths of the country in honor of Cena’s service.

Cena’s illness had made him immobile. Heavily medicated and in a lot of pain, he appeared for the ceremony in a homemade blue Marine vest and made his way to the ceremony in a wagon.

At the museum was a celebration of Cena’s life, and the ceremonial military farewell was also open to the general public.


Following a short, police-escorted convoy ride, Cena and Jeff DeYoung boarded the US LST 393 where he was euthanized to the sound of ‘Taps’, which is played at every army funeral.

DeYoung then tearfully carried his casket covered by an American flag.

The Ceremony was attended by the US Marine Corps League, Michigan State Police, Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office, Muskegon City Police, Muskegon Fire Department and officers from several other departments including a canine officer Rex, reported Associated Press.

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A GoFundMe page had also been set up in mid-July by fellow Marine Jacobie Baumann for donations to help build a headstone for Cena which recorded more than 1,100 responses, pledging donation worth nearly $45,000.

The news deeply struck social media which has been since abuzz with people sharing messages and kind words for both, Cena and DeYoung.

“Any dog that served overseas deserves exactly what I’ve done with Cena, if not more”, DeYoung said, as reported by Associated Press.

-by Soha Kala of NewsGram. Twitter @SohaKala

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