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Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Printed Scrubs

Here are the tips to help you maximize your printed uniform

Wearing printed scrubs is not for everybody. For instance, even today, most people believe that the loud patterns are reserved for the pediatric ward or children’s clinics. However, you might be surprised to know that in recent years, more and more nurses are bringing their personalities into their work. 

Nurse scrubs are part of the multi-billion-dollar medical textile industry. The market is expected to reach over $23 billion by 2025, due to the rising demand for elderly care and the regulatory protocols involving the safety of healthcare workers. 

With the size of the industry, you can expect variety as manufacturers want to make sure they cover all the supply spectrum. However, while printed or floral nurse scrubs will help you stand out, it is also quite risky as you might commit a fashion faux pas. 

nurse scrubs and uniform
Wearing printed scrubs is not for everybody. Flickr

Here are the tips to help you maximize your printed uniform:

  1. Do not match prints — Unless you work in pediatrics, you do not combine printed tops and pants. The idea is to break the monotony in the uniform and introduce a splash of color in the scrubs. The cardinal sin you can commit is if you also wear printed crocs or shoes. 
  2. Do avoid too many accessories — Let the nurse scrubs speak for themselves. Wearing accessories will be too much to handle. You do not want to be looking like a giant Christmas tree. If you feel the need, stick to a watch, your wedding ring, and pin earrings. Those who are assigned in critical care are not allowed accessories anyway.
  3. Do find colors that complement your skin tone — While patterns are great to show off your personality, you also have to make sure that they highlight your assets. In other words, if you have a warm skin tone, you can’t opt for a scrub with a dominant coral, violet-red, or honey shade. If you have a cooler skin tone, you must choose patterns with dominant rose, purple, lavender, or blue colors. Red will also work well with neutral skin tones, just like dusty pink or light blue.
  4. Do not forget to act with dignity — You can wear loud colors and still appear professional. People think that patterns may look out of place in a hospital setting. However, a survey involving more than 200 medical professionals showed that more than 72% think that prints do not affect their perception. Only about 27% think that wearing patterns seem unprofessional if you are not into pediatrics. 
  5. Do check the label for clothing care — Make sure you follow the instructions on how to care for the material. One of the drawbacks of buying printed nurse scrubs is that it is more noticeable when the bright colors fade. As a result, you would look disheveled and out of place. The last thing you need is to stand out for all the wrong reasons. In the same vein, even if the stain looks invisible in the printed fabric, it does not mean that you just leave the dirty spot there.

nurse scrubs and uniform
However, while printed or floral nurse scrubs will help you stand out, it is also quite risky as you might commit a fashion faux pas. Flickr

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Of course, you should probably steer clear of cartoon characters when choosing prints. There are plenty of elegant-looking prints that will help enhance your personality without appearing to be unprofessional in your work. Remember, you are the one wearing the colorful nursing scrub. Never let the patterns choose you.

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