Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)

In continuation to the previous interview, Renee Lynn tells more about her views on Indian Culture and Hinduism

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
Renee Lynn calls herself a right winger. Pixabay

Renee Lynn is an Activist, Columnist, Published Author, and Founder of Voice for India. Renee Lynn was born and brought up in New Jersey. Best known for raising issues and awareness about India’s political and social issues, she is also the writer of the book India Stripped. She has witnessed a lot of cultures while travelling around the world, but Indian culture turned out to be the most life changing one. Mr. Munish Raizada got an opportunity to chat with her and get to know her better. Here are some excerpts continued from the interview:

Dr. Munish: So are you a Hindu Activist? If I call you a right winger, would you feel bad about it?

Renee: No, because you know what? I am, I guess. You can call me a right winger, I guess if that is what it is or a Hindu Activist. Even here in America, I’m considered right wing, I’m definitely not liberal, I’m definitely not leftist. I’m a Republican and I’m for Trump and we’re considered right wingers. So i guess so. And in India, I’m a right winger too.

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Dr. Munish: Do you think Hinduism in India is at war with some other forces or ideologies including people, organisations and religions?

Renee: Oh yeah, definitely. The discrimination, all the situations, the scenarios which i mentioned to you. Yes, absolutely. And even Bollywood, they mock Hindu Gods and Hinduism. It almost feels like they get praised by mocking Hindus and Hindu Gods. Say some Hindu girl gets raped and murdered by a Muslim, they’re all silent. All Bollywood, all silent. But what if it’s the other way around? They’re ashamed to be a Hindustani. So this is the hypocrisy. They never want to come out, you’ll hardly ever see them coming out and defending the Hindus. These liberals and the Bollywood, all these people, they’re silent. They never say anything majority of the time, these people are silent.

Why is it when a Hindu is raped, they don’t want to say anything. Why? Why? I really don’t understand why.

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
Renee believes that people from Bollywood mock Hindu Gods and Hinduism. Pixabay

Dr. Munish: What about the Christians Conversions happening in India? Is it something significant, is it real or is it just that some people maybe the right wing lobby is just thinking too much? 

Renee: No, it is real and it is serious. There are a lot of ministries that gather people together, they send magazines, brochures, gift money and send it to India and help them out, and help to convert them to Christianity. So it’s big time and a lot of it, I believe, I could be wrong but I think a lot of it is stemming from the United States. For some reason they all want to go to India, all these missionaries. And their goals are to convert these people to Christianity. It’s a big time! They’re turning over Hindu villagers one after the next, after the next to Christianity. And they’re doing it by robbery, maybe force? These Christians are just coming in,  with these big crosses and they’re going into these Hindu villages and they’re forcing the people to convert to Christianity. And I’ll never forget this one guy, he was in Tamil Nadu somewhere, a poor guy was crying and pleading for how they’re putting crosses all over their village. It’s rampant in India and Modi needs to do something with the laws or something, these people who’re coming here for the purpose of  converting people.  if someone wants to accept a religion, on their own will, let them. I don’t have a problem with that. But to come and force somebody and to bribe them that is not right. If you really want to take care of somebody, you really love them, then you would feed them, educate them, give them whatever they need without converting them. What’s the need to convert them? You don’t have to convert them.  If you love somebody, help them out! But the forced conversion is flat out wrong. The one thing that i really hate that’s  going on in India right now, is you’re forcing these poor people, I even heard a story that they’re forcing these people to eat beef.  And it is sad. You can’t give them anything else? You’re forcing them to eat beef? I feel they are slowly trying to take over India and make it a Christian Country maybe, because it’s getting really rampant now.

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
“They’re turning over Hindu villagers one after the next, after the next to Christianity.”, says Renee Lynn. Pixabay

Dr. Munish: In brief, what’s your take on Islam Vs Hindu problem in India? Is it a real problem or is it a media creation or maybe just people are talking too much about it, on the left and the right wing?

Renee: I know christianity and it’s rampant now. Islam, they’re doing the same thing in India. Lot of these men are fooling Hindu women, you know they’re narcissistic and they’re falling for this love Jihad and the Hindu women think that this guy loves me and blah blah blah and they get married and this it turns miserable and you’re crying to go back. So a lot of this and propaganda to convert Hindu women to Islam. It’s a different scenario in India. But it also is a big problem in India fooling these Hindu girls by this love bonding, I guess you can call it and the women falls for it and  then she converts to Islam and then she regrets it and she’s sorry for it and they’re doing it in a different way to try to get the Hindu women away from their families and its really sad, so both the conversions are going on big time, just different styles , what I see. I see a lot of Islamic men doing that with the Hindu girls and the Christian missionaries, they just want to take over villages and I’m sure Islam too trying to take over as many Hindus as they can and another thing Modi needs to address is population law, I mean they’re banging out babies. All these wives and twenty kids! I mean the Modi has got to put population control in India because if you have more than two kids, then you should be taxed and fined heavily because this has got to stop, it’s becoming crazy and they’re getting away with it.

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
“Modi needs to address is population law, I mean they’re banging out babies. “, told Renee. Pixabay

Dr. Munish: So, you’re in favour of population control?

Renee: Yeah, I think that because Islams can get out of hand, I mean they’re banging out, they have like, i’ve seen this one documentary, this guy, oh my god, I can’t believe all the wives he has and the kids, oh my god it was crazy! And, it doesn’t seem normal, you know, two kids is normal, three but you know, you’re trying to bang out 5,6,7 kids out of one wife and then you have like 5-7 wives and now look at all this, just from one family! This is insane. I believe, in China, they have the population control. I think in China you’re only allowed two, is that correct? You’re only allowed two. If you get pregnant after that, then you have to abort your baby, you’re not even allowed to have it.

That I don’t know whether you have to abort the baby or not, but yes I do know there is a like limit and beyond that there is some kind of penalties or some rewards you don’t get.

Yeah, that’s what I heard, there definitely is a population control law in China, but I heard that if you get pregnant after the limit, then you have to abort the baby, that’s what I read, I don’t know if it’s true but I thought it was true because I’ve heard it  a few times too, they make you abort it, so it has become a serious problem in India so I think Modi should somewhere, you know, do a population control bill.

Dr. Munish: Yes, so my last question to you is how do you see, what do you see, as the future of Hinduism? In India, as well as on the global level.

Renee: Umm.. I know a lot of westerner people in Europe, more seldom in America who are, you know, turning more into Buddhism and Hinduism, where it seems like in India, people are ashamed of being a Hindu even like the Hindus, I’m talking about the young generations that are being given an education is very liberal, they seem to be ashamed of being a Hindu, they feel like it’s some bad social stigma or something, so i don’t know, I mean India is still huge, you know Hindu population hopefully it’ll stay like that but again, you know the muzzle population is growing by leaps and males and we all know what that is from but even in America, I mean, not a lot but there are some Hindus here, people that are converting Hinduism Buddhism, you know whatever religion, so I don’t, In Europe and Russia it’s much more I guess, than it’s in the USA, people converting out of Christianity and converting to Hinduism.

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
Renee Lynn believes that in India, people are ashamed of being a Hindu. Pixabay

Dr. Munish: Last sentence is about your book, “ India Stripped”, so when did you write it and what exactly is the take home message from the book?

Renee: So, when I was going to India, I’d seen hospitality, the beauty of the country, the beauty of the people, the beauty of its ancient culture, but it wasn’t, it is not what international mainstream media is selling to the people. They are selling that India is dirty, it’s filthy, it’s slums, it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous for women, you’re gonna get raped and that is not true at all, that is far from the truth so I went on a rampage to get the truth out so people know the truth about India. This is not what the media is selling , its not, its lies for their own political agenda, to try to make their country look so fantastic, so I wrote the book, a lot of statistics, did a lot of research, a lot of comparison to different countries and India on a level and India is relatively low for rapes. America/USA is ranked at number 9 and these European countries, so it’s just like, when CNN figured down the foundation and did that survey that said that India is the most dangerous country for women, more than Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, really? See, its things like this that makes me so mad, because I can’t go to Afghanistan, I can’t go to Pakistan, I can’t go to Syria, I won’t make it out alive, they will rape me and kill me. Can I go to India? Yes, I have and I’ve travelled alone day and night. And for them to put out all in the world to read that India is the most dangerous country in the world for women is sickening. That’s why I ended up making a video that went viral and that’s why I wrote my book India Stripped, because the truth has got to get heard, because this is sickening, what these men, the media, international media, how they are portraying India is really sickening and that’s why I wrote the book out because people need to know the truth about India and see it for their own self. It’s life changing. It’s life changing So, that’s the whole scenario on why I had to write “India Stripped” and I shared my personal journey going to different places and the hospitality like that, so it’s a little bit of everything.

Dr. Munish Raizada in Conversation with Renee Lynn (Part-II)
“They are selling that India is dirty, it’s filthy, it’s slums, it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous for women, you’re gonna get raped and that is not true at all”, Renee said. Pixabay

Dr. Munish: My final question is, what about Indian food?

Renee: Oh god, it’s my favourite! It’s my favourite! I love it love it love it love it so much! Oh my god! I can’t even pick something that I love because I love it all, it’s the best food in the world! It’s so tasty, oh my god, I’m so addicted to Indian food.

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Dr. Munish: What in particular do you like the most?

Renee: Of all the dishes, I would have to say, if I buy at the store or restaurants, a lot of times, I’ll get the Dal Makhani. I love Dal makhani, Sarson ka saag, saag paneer, I love Dal Tadka, with rice, oh my god I love the Paneer Tikka, it’s all so delicious. I love it, the choley, I love the choley, oh my god! Yeah north Indian, I do like Indian food, but i’m not really a big fan of South Indian food, I do like it, I do eat it occasionally like dosa or idli or sambar but I’m just really partial to south Indian food, I love north Indian cuisine, it’s just so tasty, it’s so tasty. So yeah, I mainly eat north Indian cuisine.

Dr. Munish: Alright Renee, it has been nice talking to you and we’ve got to learn a lot about your perspective about India and I think that will help the readers too!

Renee: Oh yeah, yeah I hope so, that’s why I always tell, on Twitter or Facebook, I always tell we have to get our voices out there, we have to get our voices heard, we have to get the truth out there, and you can’t be quiet and you can’t be a silent spectator, you know, if you’re passionate about something, don’t be shy don’t be silent, we have got to all come together and get our voices out there, because a lot of these people, you know are leftist, liberals, these Bollywood people, you know, they’re all coming out there and we don’t say nothing, you know, that’s why we all need to get together, be united and get our voices out there, so that’s why I do what I do. Got to get it out there!

We are thankful to Renee Lynn for taking out her precious time and speaking to us. We look forward to know her more and present her ideaologies to the viewers.