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Driverless Bus-Train hybrid by a Chinese Company Runs on Virtual Painted Tracks

Driverless bus-train
Driverless bus-train hybrid: A Chinese company has unveiled a Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit smart bus that doesn't need a driver or tracks. (CRRC). VOA

China,  June 07, 2017: A Chinese company has unveiled a driverless bus-train hybrid that uses white lines painted on the road to navigate.

The company, CRRC, called the electric vehicle a “smart bus.”

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is made up of three cars, is 30 meters long and is capable of carrying about 500 passengers. It can reportedly reach speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour and can travel 25 kilometers on one 10-minute charge.

It uses sensors to stay on the white line.


The smart bus is much cheaper than building a rail track. This makes it ideal for cities that have growing demand for public transit, but not enough money to build subways.

According to state media, Xinhua, it costs $102 million to build a kilometer of subway and only $2 million for the ART.

The first line will be a 6.5 kilometer route expected to start running in 2018 in Zhuzhou. (VOA)

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Xiaomi Becomes The Leader Of Single Brand Retail Network In India

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is now the largest exclusive brand retail network in India

Products by Xiaomi
Xiaomi is now the largest brand retail network in India. Pexels

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has become the leader of single brand retail network with the largest exclusive brand retail network in India, said a study on Monday conducted by Channelplay, a retail and channel solution provider.

Xiaomi’s retail network is inclusive of all the single brand retail outlets Xiaomi – Mi Home, Mi Studio and Mi Stores. The second dominant player also belonged to the electronics category – Samsung India, followed by Cafe Coffee Day(CCD), Dominos India, and Bata making it to the top five.

Products by Xiaomi
Various services and products are provided by this company, includes the MI Airdots. Pixabay

“A large proportion of consumers prefer a physical product experience before buying and another significant proportion is reluctant in making financial transactions online, especially for high value products. This has largely established the need for brand experience stores,” Sundeep Holani, CEO, Channelplay said in a statement.

In the study conducted, industries retailing a physical product were audited across apparel, footwear, jewellery, watches, electronics, pharmacy, furniture, furnishings and more.

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Few of the other popular brands which were evaluated were HP, Lenovo, Kohler, McDonalds, Subway, Puma, Ferns & Petals, Benetton, More Supermarket, Reliance Fresh and Baskin Robbins.(IANS)