Earthen Lamps To Illuminate The Ram Janmabhoomi Site This Diwali

More than 5 lakh Earthen lamps will be lit on the occasion of Diwali

Earthen lamps
Earthen lamps to decorate and uplift the Ram Janambhoomi Site. Pixabay

After more than 500 years, earthen lamps will be lit to illuminate the Ram Janmabhoomi site here on Diwali. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will light lamps during the ‘Deepotsav’ program in the city on November 13.

According to Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust chief Mahant Nritya Gopal Das: “It will be a real Diwali this year, which will celebrate the return of Lord Ram after a prolonged exile.”

State Tourism Minister Neelkanth Tiwari said that more than 5 lakh lamps will be lit on the occasion of Diwali. “If there was no coronavirus pandemic, lakhs of devotees would have participated in this program,” he pointed out.

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The Chief Minister has already directed that separate programs should be organized daily during ‘Deepotsav 2020’, following the COVID protocols.

Around 5.51 lakh earthen lamps will also be lit at Ram Ki Paidi in Ayodhya. Diwali is set to be celebrated across the country on November 14.

Earthen lamps
Around 5.51 lakh earthen lamps will also be lit at Ram Ki Paidi in Ayodhya. Pinterest

All monasteries and houses will be illuminated in the holy city on Diwali. Singing of ‘bhajans’ and Ramayana recitals will be held in monasteries. A grand decoration of Ayodhya on the Festival of Lights is on the cards.

Illumination at all temples, including Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, Kanak Bhawan, Ram Ki Paidi, and Hanuman Garhi would be done through electric lighting.

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The devotees, however, will participate through the virtual platforms. A digital broadcast of the Diwali programs will be done for the devotees who would not be able to physically visit the temples owing to coronavirus restrictions.

Ever since it came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, the BJP government has been organizing grand ‘Deepotsav’ or Festival of Lights in Ayodhya on Diwali every year. (IANS)