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EC to spread roll revision awareness through Gram Sabhas


By NewsGram Staff-Writer

The election commission is planning to organise Gram Sabha across all villages of the country to spread awareness about the revision of electoral roll.

Issuing an official instruction to every state authority, the commission stated that the Sabha will be promoted to inform and encourage people about special summary revision of photo electoral rolls. The meetings would be held in all villages across the country as well as in certain municipal corporations.

image(3)The Gram Sabha’s aim to make electoral rolls error free while attracting new voters for enrollment. In these public meetings, the existing roll will be read out and any corrections would be done on the spot. The date, time and location of such Sabha would be decided locally by the administration.

All states under the directive are advised to take a call on the revision of photo electoral rolls before January 1, 2016. After revision, the concluding rolls would get published in every state.

Having a widespread effect, the Gram Sabhas have already started featuring in villages and municipal wards of Tripura. Additional chief electoral officer of Tripura, Debashish Modak said, “last year, such an initiative was introduced in all the states under the name of National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme, which was designed to eliminate errors and ensure clean electoral lists.”

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Election Integrity Forces Twitter to Delay Account Verification Process

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also acknowledged that the system "needs a complete reboot"

Twitter India partners White Swan Foundation, unveils special emoji. Pixabay

Looming elections in Pakistan, the US, Brazil and India have forced Twitter to shelve its public account verification programme as the micro-blogging platform is busy tackling the spread of fake news and misinformation, the company said on Wednesday.

Twitter “does not presently have the bandwidth” to overhaul its verification system and provide a blue checkmark to true accounts, said Kayvon Beykpour, Product Head, in a series of tweets.

“We’ve heard some questions recently about the status of verification on Twitter, so wanted to address directly. Updating our verification programme isn’t a top priority for us right now (election integrity is),” Beykpour said.

“I don’t believe we have the bandwidth to address this holistically without coming at the cost of other priorities and distracting the team,” Beykpour added.

Pakistan goes to the polls on July 25, Brazil in October, the US mid-term in November and India early next year.

Twitter on a smartphone device. Pixabay

Twitter in November paused public verification because it wanted to address the issue that verifying the authenticity of an account was being conflated with endorsement.

“Our intention was to hit the brakes until we had a fix across policy/enforcement/product.

“Though we’ve made a lot of progress towards a holistic solution, the truth is that this work is still incomplete and we’re choosing not to prioritise it just now,” Beykpour noted.

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Twitter is currently focused on information quality ahead of the elections.

“This focus will help us move faster on what we think is most important. After we make more progress, we plan to address Verification,” the Twitter product head said.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also acknowledged that the system “needs a complete reboot”. (IANS)

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