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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Furniture: How FurnitureRoots is Contributing to The Ecosystem with Environment-Friendly Furniture?

Various campaigns have been initiated to protect the natural resources which this planet has to offer

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Furniture
Thus, the need and the requirement to save our natural resources is of significant importance considering the present global scenario. Pixabay

The primary concern of people all around the world is now shifting focus to the issue of global warming and the greenhouse effect. People have started to realize the consequences which come with global warming. Thus, the need and the requirement to save our natural resources is of significant importance considering the present global scenario. Therefore, various campaigns have been initiated to protect the natural resources which this planet has to offer.

Wooden furniture crafting is a booking market which involves the manufacture of different furniture articles. The demand of such products has been on the rise in the current market. Authentic wooden furniture is preferred by most of the buyers because of a lot of different benefits which it offers such as durability, look, style, finish, low cost and design. However, the manufacturing of this authentic furniture requires the consumption of a lot of raw material. 

This raw material is none other than wood from the trees. The amount of trees that are cut to make a single furniture article is not environmentally viable. According to an interview with a very popular environmentalist, it is estimated that in making a single wooden table with four legs and a flat top surface, 2.5 trees are brought down. 

There has been a lot of awareness programs that has been initiated about this topic recently and people have started to become more responsible for the consumption and balancing ratio of renewable resources. Trees being a renewable resource, are consumed in very large numbers but the amount of sapling planted to balance this consumption is insignificant. 

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Furniture
The primary concern of people all around the world is now shifting focus to the issue of global warming and the greenhouse effect. Pixabay

Considering the consequences of this consumption of trees in huge quantities, some companies have come up with productive strategies to counter this ill effect of over usage caused to the environment. One such company is FurnitureRoots. It is a furniture manufacturing company. But the major difference between FurnitureRoots and other woodware manufacturers is the wood that is used. Unlike most companies, FurnitureRoots manufactures what is called eco-friendly furniture. The wood used in making this furniture is not obtained by cutting any trees. It is made by acquiring wood from rather conventional sources.

Concept of eco-friendly furniture-

The basic concept of eco-friendly furniture is to make good quality furniture without exploiting the resources required in making it. The aim behind this is to reduce the practices like deforestation, etc. The consequences of cutting a lot of trees from a single patch of land can have a catastrophic result. The roots of trees grip the soil beneath the surface of the ground and provide strength to the layers of soil. Of this grip is lost due to deforestation, then the soil will no longer have the strength required for solid ground, and as a result, the soil will loosen causing landslides. 

The sustainable furniture made by these companies reduces the risk of such problems. Since they are practically based on the two words Reuse and Recycle. The sustainable furniture is made by reusing the wood from old furniture, building material, scrap pieces of wood formed as a by-product of production lines.

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Ways of obtaining material for sustainable furniture-

There are two ways in which FurnitureRoots obtains the raw material required to make the eco-friendly furniture that they manufacture. The two ways are as follows:

  • Reclaiming wood– The wood that is used in construction work in pillars and framework of buildings is reclaimed once the building becomes old enough to be reconstructed. This wood has high durability and is an industrial grade in terms of quality. 
  • Reusing scrap materials– The materials like metals, fabrics, etc. are often scraped out by different industries and dumped away. But these materials still have utility left. The metals that can be obtained from old bicycles and chassis of old automobiles are used to make modern articles. The fabric on furniture is obtained in a similar way by using scrap fabric material produced by factories.
Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Furniture
People have started to realize the consequences which come with global warming. Pixabay

Product Range-

FurnitureRoots provides a wide range of furniture and decor articles at a pocket-friendly price. There 2000+ options to choose from and the website has assorted options and arrangements to help the customer choose better. Every product that is available on the website is eco-friendly and made without causing any harm to the environment. 

FurnitureRoots also supports a customization option. Which means that the customer can get any type of furniture custom-made from the company. This custom furniture is also made from eco-friendly material. The process to create a custom furniture product with FurnitureRoots is very simple. Just choose a design from the website, create the customization and discuss it with the company via call or mail on +91-637-772-2297, respectively.

The delivery of ordered furniture is generally quick and on time.

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How does it help the ecosystem?

The furniture made by the company is 100% eco-friendly and helps the ecosystem that we inhabit in many ways. For example, the fibers used in the manufacturing of covers for seats are cotton, jute, and hemp. These are natural fibers and using these in manufacturing reduces the intensity of the carbon footprint that the company leaves on the planet. Fibers like nylon, rexin, etc. are made synthetically by chemicals and plastics. The waste created by these chemical reactions is very harmful if it consumed in any way. Yet the wastes are released in water bodies without treatment, which adversely affects all the people who use the water of the water body for their day to day purposes. 

Another example of the carbon footprint of the company comes from the usage of coloring agents or dyes. The dyes used in eco-friendly furniture is made out of vegetable oil and it is hand-printed on the articles to give it more authenticity. But the dyes used in the industry are not so eco-friendly. The dyes used by mass-producing companies are made of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are so harmful that once they seep into the ground, they can intoxicate the groundwater reserves and make the water unusable. 

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Here are Ways to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Make your office environment friendly

Anyone who spends most of their time in the office should adopt ways to make their offices eco-friendly. Lifetime Stock


Conscious efforts are needed to make our surroundings more environment friendly. And as people spend a huge chunk of their day and life in the office, hence it should employ tools that can help conserve energy and decrease uses of non-renewable resources. Nakul Mathur, Managing Director, Avanta India shares some tips:

1. Reduce the use of paper

One should try to use digital copies as much as possible; it not only enables us to save trees but makes documents safer and easier to store. In case, it is extremely important to take printouts, the office should implement a policy of printing on both sides of the paper. To move towards eco-friendly step, offices should also have the policy to use recycled papers wherever the requirement is.

2. Reduce energy consumption

There are multiple ways to achieve this. Turning off the lights in rooms where no one is using will help to reduce power consumption. Switch off computer screens and another electronic device at the end of the day is an excellent habit to get into. Basically, anything that is not being used, see if you can power it down. Rather than relying on the staff to remember to turn off lights and power down electronics, install motion-activated lights and utilize power-saver modes. Power-saver modes will put computers, printers, and other electronics to sleep, or shut them down entirely.

Office- paper use
The usage of paper should be reduced in the office. Lifetime Stock

3. Use reusable containers

There should be a complete ban on using plastic items such as bottles or containers in offices. Employees should be encouraged to always carry jute bags or cloth bags. People should stop consuming juices or other beverages that come in plastic bottles. Inside the premises, the office should only keep reusable containers to be used for drinking water or coffee. This will help in spreading the message that reduces the use of plastic is a major step towards becoming eco-friendly.

4. Recycle etiquette

Install recycling bins at places that are easily accessible for employees. Everyone should be aware of the different bins which are kept to segregate the waste and the usage of those bins in an appropriate manner. This way we can encourage the employees towards keeping the eco-friendly environment at the office. In fact, if we can recycle around 30 per cent of our trash we will save energy equal to around 12 billion gallons of gasoline.

5. Sustainability team and three R’s

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Basically, being eco-friendly boils down to three Rs — Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Every office must appoint a sustainability team that will keep an eye on all the employees who follow three R’s. The following monthly targets can be set for employees and awards given to encourage everyone become eco-friendly. This type of regular environment awareness sessions should also be organized and every new employee should be informed about the eco-friendly policy. (IANS)