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Breathe well for a healthy life. Pixabay

For most people, winter is usually their favorite time of the year. Along with enjoying the chill in the air, one needs to also be careful about the quality of the air you’re breathing, since the AQI levels rise during this time. Impurities in the air enter the respiratory system by inhalation, causing disastrous effects in people from all age groups.

Hygiene and personal wellness have become an important part of everyone’s lifestyle in the current situation. Washing hands every time we return home is now essential.

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Our nasal passages are the entry points to various air impurities; hence it is imperative to take care of your nose. Air impurities such as allergens, pollutants, bacteria, or viruses may enter the nose and get trapped, leading to complications.

So, it is important to include nasal sanitization in your daily hygiene routine – not only when you come home but even if you haven’t stepped out at all. Here are a few quick and effective tricks to ensure you breathe well to stay healthy!

Nasal wash to the rescue!

include nasal sanitization in your daily hygiene routine. Pixabay

Saline sprays rinse out impurities and debris stuck in your nasal passage and helps in preventing allergies and symptoms like sinus infections. A nasal wash also helps in moisturizing your dry nose, especially in winter.

Additionally, if you are on any steroids or medications to treat nasal allergies, it is advisable to rinse your nose with saline before using them. It will clear out debris/mucus and help the medication work better.

Minimize the exposure to air pollutants

Prevention is always better than cure. So why not cut down the exposure to the pollutants?

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– Track the air quality index in your area

– Exercise regularly but with moderate outdoor activity when air pollution levels are high

– Ventilate your kitchen

Staying active

Increasing the level of workouts and physical exercises has benefits that need no special mention. Staying active is a good way to remain fit and healthy and also minimise carbon dioxide levels in your body. It also helps pump more oxygen, helping you breathe clean air. (IANS)


Photo by Ilayza Macayan on Unsplash

Bullying may occur anywhere, at any time, in person or online (cyberbullying), and can take many forms, including verbal, physical, and social.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is a pattern of recurrent aggressive behavior in which one person (or a group of individuals) in a position of authority intentionally intimidate or abuse another individual to cause bodily or emotional harm to that other. Bullying may take place in either a physical or verbal manner. Bullied individuals, as well as those who bully others, may have long-term repercussions.

Bullying may occur anywhere, at any time, in person or online (cyberbullying), and can take many forms, including verbal, physical, and social. Bullies utilize their position of power — such as physical strength, knowledge of something embarrassing, or popularity — to exert control over or damage other people. Many people assume that bullying occurs solely during childhood; nevertheless, bullying does not necessarily stop after a person reaches the age of adulthood.

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Wikimedia Commons

Copper earrings

Silver and gold have always been preferred when it comes to wearing jewellery. Right from the times of monarchy in India, wealth and riches have been associated with wearing gold and silver for the various properties they have. Copper is a metal that has always been worn by the poor. It is not a metal that carries a significant association with health or wealth, but wearing at least one article of copper is extremely beneficial for health.

Copper is a reddish-brown metal that cannot be worn on its own. It has to be worn in the form of an alloy to prevent a reaction. Copper oxidizes in air and forms a green layer on it when exposed, much like the Statue of Liberty. Usually, bangles, chains, or rings of copper always have brass and traces of silver in them which helps with stabilizing its reactivity.

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Photo by Brian Kostiuk on Unsplash

Traditional players are very strong in the consumer laptop market.

By Md Waquar Haider

When popular smartphone brands like Xiaomi and realme entered the laptop market in India last year, they were expected to shake the existing giants, specifically under the Rs 50,000 category. However, chip shortage and supply crunch have somewhat dented their plans to make a significant mark to date. According to industry experts, the issue with smartphone makers entering the laptop category is two-fold. The first one is a massive supply crunch in the laptop component market and only big brands are able to get volume and supplies.

The other factor is that the traditional players are very strong in the consumer laptop market. Top 3 players control more than 70 per cent of the market and strong portfolio, distribution, and channel reach as well as brand marketing has helped them massively. "New brands can surely make a dent in the consumer laptop market but are challenged by supply issues right now. Watch out for them in 2022 as and when supply situation eases up," Navkendar Singh, Research Director, Client Devices & IPDS, IDC India told IANS.

Dominated by HP Inc, Lenovo and Dell, the traditional PC market (inclusive of desktops, notebooks, and workstations) in India continued to be robust as the shipments grew by 50.5 per cent year-over-year (YoY) in the second quarter (Q2), according to IDC. Notebook PCs continue to hold more than three-fourth share in the overall category and grew 49.9 per cent YoY in 2Q21, reporting a fourth consecutive quarter with over 2 million units. Desktops also indicated a recovery as shipments grew 52.3 per cent YoY after recording the lowest shipments of the decade in 2Q20.

According to Prabhu Ram, Head, Industry Intelligence Group, CMR, driven by the pandemic and the associated accelerated pivot to remote work, learn and unwind culture, PCs have been witnessing heightened demand. "Despite the current supply chain constraints, PCs are here to stay in the new never normal. In the run-up to the festive season, established PC market leaders will continue to leverage their brand salience and gain market share," Ram told IANS.

a computer chip close up According to industry experts, the issue with smartphone makers entering the laptop category is two-fold. | Photo by Manuel on Unsplash

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