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The Effectiveness of Gong Conversation Intelligence

Sales conversations are important and contain the secret to success

Your team representatives engage with customers on a daily, sometimes minutely basis, so why not take advantage of all that intelligence to turn more leads into true sales. Your best sales reps have a certain manner of interacting with customers that lead to more sales. Gong’s advanced analytics help you tap into that secret formula and see it play out in a way that truly shows where the conversions came from. Here are a few way’s that Gong can help.

Tracks Sales Conversations

Sales conversations are important and contain the secret to success. Within each conversation by email, phone call, and web conference is a wealth of information that tips you off as to what your most successful sales reps are doing. By having an ongoing, full account of their interactions with customers, you’re compiling data that’s actively showing you what works and what doesn’t. Gong makes this process effortless. You just let your team do their best work, and Gong keeps track of everything along the way. In the end, you get streams of reports that help you tweak your team’s scripts and strategy. Nothing is quite as handy as having an entire volume of your sale’s teams best – and worst – performances.

Gong, Conversation, Sales
Your team representatives engage with customers on a daily, sometimes minutely basis, so why not take advantage of all that intelligence to turn more leads into true sales. Pixabay

Analyzes Data

Gong conversation intelligence helps you get smarter by analyzing each and every word of every conversation. It tracks who on your team is closing deals and who is falling short. What closes those deals? What is it your top sales reps are saying that the other ones aren’t? With the data from every single word analyzed, you get a big picture of what makes for success and what doesn’t.

Search Feature

Gond lets all of your sales conversations be fully transcribed and searchable. If you’re looking for something specific or monitoring whether everyone is following their sales script, then this is ideal for you. It’s easy to find out so much sales info just from reading through all of your sales scripts. It lets you know when you might need to coach a sales rep or when someone should get a hearty congratulations for playing by the book and doing well in their job. It’s ideal for a boss who likes to be actively engaged in the sales team’s life and make sure that they’re representing the company well. It’s easy to use.

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Easy Collaboration

There are times when a customer might also want access to a sales call’s history. You can give them that with Gong. You can also easily allow other team members to listen in and give feedback on how everyone on the team is doing. The job of the sales team is to get sales for your business. They often do this most effectively when they’re working together and listening in to these conversations. The team gets smarter together, and you also can collaborate and encourage your team to work together in a way that helps to bring in those sales that mean so much.

Mobile Access

Gong, Conversation, Sales
Your best sales reps have a certain manner of interacting with customers that lead to more sales. Pixabay

Sometimes a business owner or manager is busy, and they don’t have time to be in the office tracking sales calls that are in progress or deals that are just getting started. With Gong, you can track every call on your mobile device and even coach along team members that might be struggling to close a deal. With the conversation intelligence you’re gathering from Gong’s services, it’s easy to coach on the go and get the entire team into the spirit to close a deal. Gong’s laid back and fun vibe makes it almost like a game to carry through all of your responsibilities with the program, so it never feels like you’re being tied down to a boring app. It’s more like you’re playing a really fun game with really fun consequences (lots of sales for your business).

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Analyzing your sales conversations with the intelligent system of Gong is easier now than ever before, as there have been plenty of upgrades to the system and it has perfected itself thanks to feedback. Conversation intelligent is instrumental to building a strong sales team and to helping those members who sometimes fall behind catch up by learning what it is that the biggest reps are doing right. It’s a chance to constructively break down those conversations and help them pick up the tricks that will close more deals. Gong has been around for awhile now, but so many businesses are missing out on their undeveloped skills. By analyzing conversations, having access to them, and collaborating on deals, your team becomes smarter everyday. Information gives them the knowledge they need to perfect their sales techniques and bring home sales for your business. It’s well worth implementing and investing in Gong to grab more closed deals and revenue.



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