Election’s Viral Stars ‘Nasty woman’ and Ken Bone are a hit for Halloween in US

Revelers are planning to create costumes inspired by the campaigns for the election on 8th November

Halloween disguises
Ken Bone, the social media sensation. Youtube

October 28, 2016: With the US election only days away, the Americans are expecting to see an occasional ‘basket of deplorables’ and ‘nasty woman’ knocking on their doors this Halloween.

According to Reuters report, revelers are planning to create costumes inspired by the campaigns for the election on 8th November. It is a way to look for humour and catharsis at the very end of the often quite bitterly battled race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

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A marketing executive based in Atlanta, Ted Wright, stated that his wife and he is planning to dress up as ‘nasty woman’ and ‘bad hombre’, respectively, referring to Donald Trump’s much-ridiculed remarks on Clinton and some Mexican immigrants; during a Presidential Debate on 19th October, this year, mentioned Reuters

Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Wikimedia commons

Wright, 49, a Republican who stated that he wouldn’t vote for Trump, said “this is one of those elections where it’s very difficult to discuss [it] in polite company, that is why we’re going ‘bad hombre’ and ‘nasty woman.'”

According to Reuters, a 22-year-old college graduate named Hannah Hemperley has also planned to don the costume and dress up as ‘nasty woman’. “When (Trump) was calling (Clinton) a ‘nasty woman,’ I think I just felt solidarity with Hillary,” said Hemperly, who is from Chicago and has planned to vote for the Democratic nominee.

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Jake West, working at a Chicago-based architecture firm, stated that he has planned to assemble a group of friends and dress as a ‘basket of deplorables’, referring to Hillary Clinton’s infamous put-down during a fundraiser of some of the supporters of Trump.  “Because that word, that phrase, ‘basket of deplorables’ has been flying around so much” is West’s reason to dress up like that, quoted Reuters.

According to reports from a spokesperson of the chain, specialising in parties and costumes supplies, foam; Clinton and Trump mask that costs $12.99 were among of the top sold items in the Spirit Halloween.

Cory Campbell, hailing from Virginia, said that he has plans to dress up to look like Ken Bone, the moustachioed audience with the red sweater, who landed as a social-media sensation post his act of cutting into the campaign acrimony to ask a question concerning the energy policy during a Presidential Debate on 9th October.

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Campbell, who said he was leaning toward voting for Trump, called Bone “a bright moment in this crazy campaign cycle.” He further added, “I think the only way you could not have a little campaign fatigue after this cycle is if you haven’t been paying attention.”

– prepared by Antara Kumar of NewsGram with Reuters input. Twitter: @ElaanaC


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