Enam Bosokah: Ghanaian ‘ballpoint’ artist who draws breathtakingly vivid portraits


By Gaurav Sharma

“I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing” remarked legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Ghanaian-born artist Enam Bosokah has now taken the delightful art form by the scruff of the neck and raised it to a whole new level of exquisiteness.

“A lot of artists avoid pens because of the irreversibility (i.e., the inability to erase), but I believe it is one of the easier tools to work with”, says Enam.

Eyeing from a distance, the images look more like black and white pictures. A closer glance, however, reveals intense use of creative techniques such as cross-hatching and stippling.

Unlike most artists, Enam does not require a studio.

Enam says that he wants to be able to create anytime and anywhere–that is why he just uses pen and paper, while sitting on his bed and drawing.

There is no name for the style of drawing that Enam does. “I have not named my style as I will always change it, I didn’t want to keep to one confinement. It’s a freestyle.” says the evolving genius.

Further segregating himself from the crowd of commercial art, Enam has decided not sell his art as of now. He wants to build a collection first.

On his current artistic experience, Enam remarks, “I haven’t had an exhibition where people can see my work and interact with me. When I get them together and exhibit, I can tell a story to my audience”.

To earn his bread-and-butter, Enam accepts custom orders from fans of his art.

Enam has gained much popularity by depicting prominent African personalities in a stunningly realistic fashion.

Most African painters shy away from “hyperrealism” and “photorealism”, which is the what exemplifies Enam’s paintings as incredibly unique.

Here are some of the gorgeous portraits that Enam has sketched:







Images: cic.cn


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