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Invest an hour each day to easily achieve excellent marks in the examination

By- Monika Rao

The English Portion of CBSE Class 11 is thought to be the most scoring section, yet it is also a subject that many pupils fear. Students in class 11 English are in difficulty since they are unable to obtain excellent grades in this subject. As a result, we're glad to bring some study tips to assist you to prepare for the CBSE Class 11 English exam.

English is one of the most significant and important languages in any CBSE Class 11 curriculum. As a result, all pupils are required to sit for the CBSE Class 11 English examination. There is no shortcut to achieving excellent grades; students must attempt the paper in the best possible manner in order to get the desired results.

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The reading, writing, grammar, and literature parts of the English question paper for class 11 are separated into four divisions. Here are some significant and effective study tips for the CBSE Class 11 English exam to help you improve your exam preparation and score higher. Don't forget to use the NCERT Class 11 English Book PDF to help you prepare for your exams. The goal of these study tips is to assist you in successfully completing the English subject paper and achieving good exam results.

A diary is open, where notes are to be written Students should practice using a pen and paper to help them concentrate and recall information for extended periods.Unsplash

  1. Collect relevant materials: Before you begin studying, make sure you have all of the necessary materials, such as class notes, exam papers, and so on. Obtain prior year's question papers from a senior. The notes from class should give you a good understanding of your teacher's thinking. Teachers in most schools regularly ask the same questions they did in the previous year's examination. You could receive some exact questions from past year's question papers if you're lucky.
  2. Make a logical schedule: Calculate how much time you have till the examination and split it wisely to cover all of the topics. First, go through the things you've already covered. However, reading comprehension and grammar are given greater weight in the CBSE Class 11 English Exam. As a result, knowing fundamental grammar principles and being able to create grammatically accurate answers are also required when responding to such questions.
  3. Avoid distractions and stick to your schedule: Ninety percent of pupils experience this. They spend a lot of time establishing timetables and plans, yet the majority of them fail to stick to them. The majority of students spend their valuable time on their phones, WhatsApp, television, and other such sources of distraction. So, before you begin studying, lock yourself in a room, turn off your phones, and prepare as if your life relies on making the most of the time you have.
  4. Examine your competence by completing several practice papers: It is the most crucial aspect of any exam preparation. Most students avoid solving papers before an exam, however, this is a bad habit to have. A student should practice previous years' English question papers for at least 1 to 2 hours during the last month before the exam.
  5. Make Use of Appropriate Vocabulary: When writing an essay or a letter, it is usually preferable to employ everyday common terms as part of your answer. Remember that choosing a flowery word ambiguously will only earn you a bad grade and no appreciation from the examiner. The examiner will only give you points for using words correctly and in a way that makes sense.
  6. Style: Make your answer content look new and unique to get the examiner's interest. When creating content for essays and letters, always use a different style. The style does not have to incorporate new words or phrases, but it must capture the examiner's attention.
  7. Keep your focus on the topic while answer writing: Students can deviate from the intended topic in their eagerness or as a consequence of a lack of words and ideas, adding extraneous details that cause the content to read out of focus. This makes it more difficult for the examiner to maintain attention in the rest of the answer booklet. As a result, make sure you stay on topic and only include arguments that are relevant and vital to the theme.
  8. Make use of textual quotation: When answering questions, a careful balance between quoting from the text and utilizing your own words is essential. If you quote too much, it may appear that you have just memorized the text rather than comprehending it. The easiest way to strike a balance is to quote from the text while also explaining it in your own words.
  9. Answer presentation that is neat and orderly: The manner you display your answers in Class 11 English examination has a big influence on how much of an impression you create on the examiner. Good handwriting, a methodical presentation, following procedures, utilizing correct forms, and beautifully written solutions- all impress the examiner and make him or her want to read the entire booklet again. As a result, make sure your work is as tidy as possible.

Finally, remember to memorize your chapters from NCERT Class 11 English textbooks and class notes to obtain a thorough understanding of each topic. Furthermore, students should practice using a pen and paper to help them concentrate and recall information for extended periods. Also, make sure that you sleep for the required number of hours before appearing for the Class 11 English exam. Take care of your mental and physical health throughout the year. If you diligently follow the tips and tricks given above, nothing can stop you from succeeding in Class 11 English examination.

To give your best shot in the CBSE Class 11 English exam, you don't need to study all night right before the exam. Instead, with the aid of NCERT Class 11 answers, you may invest an hour each day to easily achieve excellent marks in the examination. Following these study techniques religiously would undoubtedly aid you in achieving high exam results. Best wishes!

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