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Here’s Why Everyone Should Take Equal Load of Household Chores

Sail through by sharing the load equally

The smell of freshly washed laundry, crisp clean clothes bring joy to many us.

But the pleasure comes at a cost in most households around the world; with an unequal division of domestic chores which has been a reality for generations.

While ‘Working from Home’ enables families to bond better and spend quality time together, women are often the first to wake up and last to sleep.

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When men don’t share the load, sleep and rest for women take a backseat! Lack of sleep is also an indicator of the inequality within the household. Due to this inequality, 71 percent of women sleep less than their partners

house chores
#SharetheLoad campaign encourages both men and women to do household chores together. Pixabay

Homecare major Ariel’s latest ‘ShareTheLoad movement’ – #ShareTheLoad for Equal Sleep is all about impact and action. Uneven division of household chores like laundry comes in the way of women getting enough sleep and rest.

Taking the conversation further in context of the current times, on International ASMR Day, Ariel collaborated with American ASMR YouTuber and artist GIBI ASMR to curate a #ShareTheLoad ASMR.

This ASMR video is a depiction of a partner doing the laundry, the sound of which is calming for the women! Nothing is more blissful for women than the sound of some household chores being done by men and being done well! When women are assured that the household chores are being taken care of, they can relax and sleep better.

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Conceptualised by ad agency BBDO, the 6-minute video teaches men to take up tasks around the house, like laundry and other household chores. Laundry being the easiest task to get started with.

house chores
While ‘Working from Home’ enables families to bond better and spend quality time together, women are often the first to wake up and last to sleep as they spend their time doing household chores. Pixabay

Elated with the first of its kind initiative, Sharat Verma, CMO, P&G India and Head, Fabric Care Indian Subcontinent said, “Ariel’s ShareTheLoad movement, which started five years back, has been sparking conversations to promote gender equality in the households by propagating the equal distribution of household chores. The message is more relevant now than ever before, when the home is also an office, school and playground. Research tells us that households where partners share the load, make happier homes. It’s important that women get equal rest and sleep. Gibi’s ASMR video aims to help more women unwind using relaxing sounds and sights while inspiring more men to #ShareTheLoad.”

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In India, joining the drive are a host of TV celebrities like Anita Hassanandani- Rohit Reddy and Ravi Dubey-Sargun Mehta who took up the challenge on Tik Tok and wooed fans with their video doing laundry together. Many influencers in India are up for the challenge to a very catchy number. #ArielShareTheLoad is all about helping at home and having fun while you are at it. So, no more “Chores are such a bore.” (IANS)



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