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Cartagena: Three centuries after the British sunk the fabled Spanish ship San Jose, loaded with extraordinary riches, Columbia is said to have discovered this ‘holy grail of shipwrecks’ as described by some treasure hunters.

“This is the most valuable treasure that has been found in the history of humanity,” declared Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday, from Cartagena, a port city near to where the discovery was made.

The fascinating San Jose, which even features in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’, had escaped treasure hunters for decades.

According to the US-based company Sea Search Armada (SSA), the wealth on the ship is estimated to be at around 2 billion US dollars. The value has apparently dropped significantly due to the falling price of silver.

SSA was engaged in a lengthy battle with the Columbian government since it claimed in the early 1980s that it had found where the galleon lay. However, the find was not confirmed and it was ultimately declared to be Columbian property by the US court.

It was during the War of Spanish Succession, that British ships attempting to take its cargo sank the San Jose off Columbia’s Caribbean coast near the Islas del Rosario, in June 1708. Of the ship’s 600-strong crew, hardly a handful survived.

This galleon was a part of a fleet of ships carrying gold and treasure from the American colonies of Spain to King Philip V.

The wind and ocean current patterns of 307-years-ago Caribbean were studied by a team of researchers with both national and foreign representatives, including a stalwart from the group that discovered the Titanic in 1985. They delved into Spanish and Columbian colonial archives to look for clues to the ship’s location.

The San Jose was discovered on November 27 “in a place never before referenced by previous research,” said the President. In the process of the search, a minimum of five other major shipwrecks were found as well.

The San Jose was identified, according to experts, by its engraved dolphins and its unique bronze cannons.

Head of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, Ernesto Montenegro, said that the “amount and type of the material leave no doubt of the identity”.



Kashmir's natural splendour, with its beautiful valleys and towering mountains, is really unlike anywhere.

Along with the undeniable natural beauty, the Kashmir valley has developed a reputation for adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, and river rafting. Kashmir has maintained its charm, allowing us to time-travel into beautiful destinations which make one forget about the stress and worries of life. The hikes in Kashmir offer adventurers to go on a self-discovery trip through nature's lap over the mountains while taking in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them on their journey. In addition to the hikes, there are many thrilling adventure activities, like rock climbing, rope climbing, etc. Trekking across the region of mountains and lakes will allow you to experience living in the "Paradise on Earth," and you wouldn't want to return to your regular life after that.

The following are some of the finest hiking destinations in Kashmir:

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Pind Daan at Jagannath Ghat, Kolkata.

The Pitru Paksha starts after the Full Moon day, and this day marks the beginning of the waning phase of the Lunar cycle. This event is roughly of 15-day period, and is of great significance. From this day, rituals like Tarpan or Tarpanam and Shradh are carried out to pay respects to dead relatives and ancestors.

It is believed that from the very first day till the last day, the unhappy souls of the deceased return to the Earth to see their family members. So, in order to ensure that the dead attain Moksha, i.e. to get liberation, family members of these souls quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger by performing the Pind Daan, which includes offering food consisting of cooked rice and black sesame seeds. The literal meaning of Pind Daan is the act of satisfying those who no longer exist physically.

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wikimedia commons

Cubbon Park is a lush green garden at the heart of Bangalore

At the heart of Bangalore city, a large 300-acre space of lush greenery and heritage stands as a symbol of the city's past, present, and future. Cubbon Park is every child's favourite park, every Bangalorean's haven of fresh air, and altogether, the city's pride.

It stands testament to the past, in terms of the diversity of flora it houses. Bangalore traffic in the recent past has grown into a menace, but the stretch between MG Road and Cubbon Park is always a pleasurable place to stop and wait for the signal to turn green. The gust of wind that blows here, and the smell of mud, coupled with floral scents instantly transports citizens to Old Bangalore, where the weather was fine, and the trees loomed over roads with thick canopies that did not even allow rainwater to penetrate. Cubbon Park is also a historical site, and one of the few remaining monuments of colonial heritage in Central Bangalore. It houses many statues and among them, the most famous is that of Queen Victoria, which faces the St. Mark's Square.

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