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Facemasks began to bear designs, patterns, and pictures after the initial blue and green scrub

It was obvious in the beginning of 2020 that there was a medical crisis from the amount of pale blue and green that dotted people's faces as they tried to evade getting sick or out of breath. The fashion industry did not take masks into consideration for a while, until reports poured in on how expensive they were becoming in the global market, since they were one of the few sources of revenue. When people realized that cloth masks were more sustainable and added a little less gloom to their outfits, it became a trend that hasn't really reached its zenith yet.

Masks designed to suit the cultural traditions woman in white tank top wearing black and white skull mask.Unsplash Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

Alternating between quarantine and unlock periods, the face mask has changed rapidly from just a piece of sterile hospital scrub, to bejewelled, elaborately decorated statements. Masks are being made in all kinds of fabrics, silks, cottons, and even traditional weaves. In India especially, women have begun to sport masks made of ikat, cotton, silk, and even kalamkari designs. Brides make sure to match the mask with their bridal ensemble.

In the west, masks are being made to suit formal clothes like pantsuits, and skirts. Designers have begun bringing out mask and bikini sets. The popping colors, or sequined streaks that sometimes accompany the brocade of the outfit, are seen as reflections of mood. Wearing matching masks complete the look, according to many fashion designers.

Before the pandemic, many women who were apprehensive of wearing masks have also begun to embrace their culture. Muslim women have begun to get comfortable with the niqab since the pandemic Image source: wikimedia

To some cultures, the mask has changed the way they are perceived. Muslim women who live in non-Muslim populations have been heavily scrutinized in the past for wearing their traditional hijab or niqab, which is a face covering that sometimes only lets their eyes be visible. People are not usually comfortable engaging with these women because of the conservative image that the head and face covering carries with it. But thanks to the mask, this scenario is changing. Muslim women are being more accepted and do not have to go through as much prejudice as before. Before the pandemic, many women who were apprehensive of wearing masks have also begun to embrace the new culture in a new light as prejudices have drastically reduced. The mask is certainly on the way to becoming a welcome fashion accessory.

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wikimedia commons

An illustration of the rhyme Three Blind Mice

The Reformation in England is notorious for the religious impact it had on the countries of the world, and the current ongoing dispute among the various factions of Catholicism and Protestantism. Three Blind Mice, a rhyme that emerged in 1609, roughly a few years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, is somewhat a dark reminder of the Dark Ages.

The Reformation began in England when King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church because he wanted to divorce his wife, to marry another woman who would bear him a male heir. His wife was a devout catholic and refused to give up her crown to another. The king decided to break away from the Papacy, from Rome, where the Catholic church reigned from. He created the Church of England, and put himself as the legal head. England broke into two factions based on religion, and after Henry's death, the country was plunged in war.

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Services and products, like at-home workouts, popped up all over social media from new and exciting businesses.

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The brand focuses on creating quality products that are high efficacy made with all-natural and no chemicals in the formulae.

One of Indias fast growing Direct To Consumer (DTC) beauty and personal care brands, MyGlamm, launches its national TVC around the message 'All Natural #NoNasties today with actress Shraddha Kapoor, who is also an investor in the brand.

Kapoor who has a great millennial and Gen Z connect introduces 'My SUPERFOODS Kajal' which has No Parabens, No Mineral Oils, No Nasties while still being long-lasting and smudge-free and made with the goodness of nature. This is followed by many girls trying applying the kajal with confidence and while highlighting the ingredients Avocado Oil, Goji Berries, Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil.

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