Face Reading: The Art of Knowing More At First Glance

Wondering how can you excel at face reading?

face reading
Face reading focuses on looking at a person’s face as a whole to derive a basic understanding of what life can be like for an individual. Pixabay
  • Face reading focuses on looking at a person’s face as a whole to derive a basic understanding of what life can be like for an individual.

It is often said that eyes are the windows to the soul. But is it all that can reveal things about a person before we manage to actually spend time and learn about them as per our judgment? Interestingly, the answer to that question is negative.

Interpretation of an individual’s personality, based on their facial composition is called ‘Physiognomy’ or face reading. As interesting as that sounds, it would be wrong to say that everything can be known just by merely looking at another person. However, trained professionals do reply upon face reading to reveal noteworthy details about a person, their lifestyle, nature or personality.

How To Learn Face Reading

The most accurate way to learn the art of face reading is to first recognize the multiple facial features and then attempt to relate them to their corresponding personality and character traits.

Wondering how can you excel at face reading?

Well, nothing comes easy and you might have to learn the art of face reading under a trained professional. However, here is some information that may help you in your efforts at face reading,

 1. People With Small Eyes

Pay close attention the next time you meet a person with small eyes. You will notice that you take account of the shape of their eyes rather than their size.

Smaller eyes are a common trait in people belonging to Asian cultures. However, there are people from other regions with small eyes, however, they tend to have slanted or almond shaped eyes.

face reading
A child with small eyes. Pixabay

Because people belonging to a specific region or geographic location tend to have smaller eyes, it must be noted that everyone from that region will have the same personality type.

Smaller eyes give an illusion that they are not open entirely, and hence create an impression of the person being elusive.

According to principles of face reading, people with small eyes are usually secretive and much like their eyes, they do not reveal much of what is happening inside their minds. People with smaller eyes tend to be more secretive, reserved and cautious of other people, and do not let them get a glimpse of their thoughts very easily.

People with smaller eyes are observers- they quietly observe their surroundings because of which they are often perceived as shy, quiet or aloof when in reality they are only soaking up their surroundings.  Be sure to not try to fool them as they never miss a thing; chances are they have already noticed what you are trying to keep from them.

In order to build a great relationship with a person with small eyes, be sure to invest time and win their trust. Due to a smaller size, it might be difficult for you to read their eyes and gauge their interest. Additionally, they do not open up easily and rarely give a feedback. Do not judge them by their face and personality. Allow the relationship to grow slowly. Be more assertive with such people and do not allow them to avoid topics and discussions.

 2. People With Big Eyes

The first thing that you notice in a person with big eyes as well, their eyes; they are big and may seem like they hold a lot of messages inside them. You may find big eyes hypnotic to the extent that you might feel that you can fall and get lost in them.

Big eyes, also known as large eyes, are a highly sought after feature and look extremely beautiful on people, especially women.

Eyes are the main point of attention when we talk to someone. Due to their large eyes, face reading practitioners believe people with big eyes tend to form a strong eye contact and allure people towards them.

face reading
A woman with big eyes. Pixabay

In some cultures, there are myths and legends of a monster with big eyes being women who attacked people and ate children. Because of this, there is a popular myth that big-eyed women cannot be trusted. However, there is no rationale behind this.

People with big eyes are perceived as people with a larger than life persona. They tend to be extroverts, humorous, capable of holding good conversations and captivating audiences, which aids them to do well in social situations and acclimate to new surroundings, situations and people.

Don’t panic if you find yourself telling them your life story in only a few minutes; as per face reading principles, their eyes may seem inviting, making it extremely easy to talk to these people.

However, it may prove to be difficult for people with big eyes to be taken seriously. Their friendly and flirtatious eyes give them an easy-going and light-hearted appearance when in reality they are thinkers and extremely hard workers.

People with big eyes are goal driven and seek adventure and challenges. They have a low tolerance for jealousy and are not appreciative of people who are rude, which contradicts their flirtatious eyes and can lead to troubled relationships.

 3. People With uni-brow

The eyebrows of people with a uni-brow are joined in the middle, which gives an impression that it is a single brow.

People with uni-brow are not thinkers. Instead, they are doers, they prefer to keep themselves engaged and are always up for new tasks as soon as they are done with the work at hand.

face reading
Woman with a uni-brow. Wikimedia

According to different face reading experts, people with uni-brow understand the uncertainty of life, they are adventure seekers and are always ready for the next challenge that life throws at them due to their highly charged excitement levels. While their confidence and belief in self-are enviable, their never-ending energy sometimes makes them take unhealthy decisions or misjudge people and/or situations.

People with a uni-brow are usually honest and upfront, they believe in sharing; whether it is their feelings, knowledge or any other thing in general.

 4. People With An Open Mouth

Their mouth is characterized by its inability to close properly.

Face reading experts consider people with open mouth as well organized with an extremely defined thought mechanism. You may find that their mind is extremely defined and they have a sharp and accurate memory.

The open mouth is a common characteristic among women who are considered beautiful for this trait.

People with open mouths are submissive and susceptible in nature. They are easily influenced; they are highly appreciative and receptive of ideas by other people and consider them as good as their own.

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People with an open mouth are known to jump into issues and conclusions without making a proper judgment; they do not devote proper time to resolve their problems. Instead, they choose to follow other people and their approach which makes them extremely impressionable.

People with open mouths are great conversationalists and cannot only initiate but also hold intriguing interactions. This can be attributed to their free-flowing nature. You may interpret their exposed mouth as their open and inviting personality.

 5. People With A Beauty Spot

According to understandings of face reading, people with a mole on the lips are inquisitive in nature, they are curious and always seek new information.

The beauty spot denotes their imaginative and creative personality and depicts how they are strongly intuitive with a strong sense to use their powers.

People with a mole on lips are usually very talkative and charismatic, be sure to be completely mesmerized by their enchanting personality. They love conversations and making new friends.

face reading
Woman with a mole. Wikimedia

Personality traits can further vary depending upon the size of the mole.

A big mole denotes the nonchalant attitude of the person which means they can, at times, have loose lips and need to achieve some balance in life.

A small mole is believed to denote wealth and position in life.

Have fun to figure people out at first glance now!


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