Facebook And Instagram Releases New Features To Celebrate Durga Puja

Features like Gifs, stickers, reels, and hashtags

Durga puja features
Facebook and Instagram have new Durga Puja Gifs. Pixabay

Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday launched several features and content programming to help make virtual Durga Puja celebrations as entertaining as possible in the country.

These features include AR filters and stickers to create fun and engaging Stories, Reels, Facebook posts, and programming on specific hashtags like #DurgaPujo2020, #ShubhoMahalaya, #FBDurgaPujo, #IGDurgaPujo.

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“From capturing feelings and expressions to celebrating together, Facebook and its family of apps have always played an important role in bringing people together,” Manish Chopra, Director, and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India, said in a statement.

“As we gear up to celebrate Durga Pujo, we’re glad to enable the connections and expression between friends and families, innovatively, Durga puja features in more ways than one,” Chopra added.


Durga puja features
The Durga Puja features also have hashtags like – #DurgaPujoReel, #FeelItReelIt, #DurgaPujo2020, #FBDurgaPujo, #IGDurgaPujo, and many more. Flickr

According to the platform, the AR effect called ‘Pujaparikrama’ will allow people to virtually experience the Puja and pandal festive experience.

They have launched Durga Pujo GIFs which are easily searchable with the word ‘Pujo’, to make users Instagram Stories and Reels fun.

These are designed to capture the spirit of the puja from key days such as Saptami, Ashtami to key festive moments like ‘Dhanuchi Naach’ and ‘Sindur Khela’

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And the new content programming includes: ‘Reely Phataphati Pujo – Puja specific content on Instagram’s new short-form video feature — Reels.

It will be available on the following hashtags – #DurgaPujoReel, #FeelItReelIt, #PujoFeelershaateyReel, #PujoReelChallenge, #DurgaPujo2020, #ShubhoMahalaya, #FBDurgaPujo, #IGDurgaPujo, F, and many more. (IANS)