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Facts To Consider Before You Declutter Or Design Your Home

What makes your house a home are people in it, and how they feel forms the basis of a redesigning or restructuring attempt

Living amid four walls has become melancholic throughout the pandemic-triggered lockdown. As is with life, we need a change in our ambiance as well to break away from the monotony that fills the air. A freshly renovated house with redefined interiors may be to feel drab over time. What should you then be bear in mind before you set out to declutter or redesign your home? Here are some facts to consider: Inputs by – Mr. Arun Malhotra, Founder, AM Estate Developers

Calmness by Simplicity vs Exuberance by Embellishment:

The interiors of a home are designed keeping in mind the kind of vibe the residents like to have indoors. You must therefore know what it is that offers you the best state of mind when amid your four walls — be it while working or casually lounging.

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Simplicity usually triggers a feeling of calm and a sense of serenity. Having nothing more than you want and having nothing less than you need to come together to create a beautiful simplistic home. A befitting example of this is the Japandi style (aka Japanese and Scandi) which focuses on bright spaces with clean lines and light colors. Decor entails creative designs that fulfill the object’s minimum purpose with maximum simplicity and nothing else.

On the flip side is another philosophy that promotes a bubbly and energetic feeling inside your home by adding as many objects to your decor as you like. This doesn’t mean you overdo your artifact shopping and clutter your available space, but use small objects to create a feeling of grandeur. This school of thought incorporates modern designs into the essence of living with a touch of flamboyance.

Natural Elements for Sustainable Living:

Throughout the pandemic, the affinity for open spaces and cleaner air has shot through the roof. Also, staying indoors adds to the health and wellbeing concerns as well. Here’s where sustainable living steps into the foreground. Natural elements such as wood and strand weaved bamboo are not only popular choices for flooring materials, but also beautifully complement minimalistic home designs. Placing plants in well-lit corners of the house blend in nicely and stimulate a feeling of positivity in the house.

Try to redesign your home in simple and natural ways. Pixabay

Modernism Using Antiques:

A tinge of retro in an otherwise modern design goes a long way in adding a flavor of elegance to your interiors. Shelves adorned with antiques and artifacts give a feeling of timelessness and transfix one’s attention to the contrast visible right there — neither too flashy nor too subtle. Rustic objects such as an old rug or an archaic pendulum clock or a piece of classic crockery scattered sporadically in the living space add a vintage feel to your home.

Colors Mirror Your Personality:

A paint job on the walls is the most noticeable part of any indoor decor. The brightness inside a room promotes a sense of belonging and harmony, whereas a dark interior stimulates a feeling of gloom and dullness. Wall colors are therefore also a reflection of your personality in the long run. Painted walls also connect various faces of a home and take a good deal of thought based on the kind of vibe you are looking for.

Common examples are — grey shades for calmness and vibrant hues for a joyous & bubbling-with-energy feeling. Use your imagination to create combinations that would maintain a feeling of positivity inside your home, which for all practical purposes, will also be your office for a long long time. Make sure you paint samples on a wall before it becomes irreversible.

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Decluttering Can Affect Your Mood:

The state of affairs inside a home can elevate or alleviate your mood in a matter of seconds. A messed up corner at the end of a long day is enough to trigger some anger or hostility towards your loved ones. Whereas an organizational paradigm can go a long way in making your residence a comfortable home that beckons you to spend more time in.

All in all, what makes your house a home are people in it, and how they feel forms the basis of a redesigning or restructuring attempt. Pick your decor to match your vibes and colors that welcome you home happy. After all, designing is creativity deployed to create a happy residence. (IANS)



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