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‘Fashion Reboot’- A Collection Focusing Gen Z

The final day of Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week based on generation and fashion

The final day of the digital edition of Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2021 on Sunday opened a film presentation that showcased a design collaboration of final year fashion students of School of Fashion, Pearl Academy.

Mentored by Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Dean, School of Fashion and faculty members, the students curated ‘Fashion Reboot’ – a collection of ensembles focused on Gen Z.

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Speaking about the show Prof. Nandita Abraham, President, Pearl Academy said: “India Fashion Week by FDCI is one of the best platforms for our students to get the real, practical experience of the fashion industry and serves as a fitting culmination to their graduation year. Our exclusive collaboration with FDCI is a true example of how industry-academia partnerships can create a win-win situation for the students and prepare them for their professional journey ahead.”

The line-up comprised oversized jackets, bombers, blazers with asymmetrical hemlines, oversized shirts, trousers, and other comfortable wear in bright, pop colors with quirky prints and cuts.

Designer Sahib Bhatia under his label Amaare launched his line-up of menswear called ‘Cosmos’. It included clean-cut, tailored fit suits, blazers, bandhgalas, kurtas in deep shades of blue, plum, and black. Bhatia has played with layering in the ensembles and has used intricate hand-embroideries to add surface texture to the pieces.

Another part of the collection captures the glamour and extravagance of 1920s Art Deco designs. Flickr

Designer Jyotika Jhalani under her label Janavi showcased luxurious shawls, woven from pure cashmere. There are pieces that feature the motif of evil’s eye in shades of navy, cobalt, and electric blue, layered against a canvas of pristine white and ivory.

“It’s very human to wonder if an evil eye has been cast upon us, during these uncertain times,” elaborates Jyotika, the designer.

“But, our evil eye talisman is to inspire an invigorating journey of self-discovery, a new awakening, and a brighter ‘eye’ to the future. It’s about dissipating stagnant heaviness, and bringing in fresh energy.”

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Another part of the collection captures the glamour and extravagance of 1920s Art Deco designs. Defined by expert embroidery and enchanting embellishments, it is inspired by the stars of the era, and the compositions are layered with whimsical motifs, sumptuous colors, glittering beads, and quirky feathers. There are maximalist talisman motifs and dazzling embellishments used to create another section of the collection. There are motifs of butterfly, bee, dragon, rose, dove, bow,

The color is kept in neutral hues of vintage nude and taupe, sophisticated white, and hypnotic black, jewel tones of red, green, and blue.

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Menswear designer Pawan Sachdeva’s latest collection is named ‘Blitzen’. Set in a palette of inky blues and blacks, tints of grey, and shiny metallics, the collection has a futuristic approach. Reflective tapes and PU fabrics have been used to make coated and proofed outerwear, light jackets layered with zipper t-shirts, and jogger pants. The collection is inspired by the contemporary industrial design and tech revolution. (IANS)



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