Fathers Over 40 Must Take Extra Care of Mental and Physical Health

Fathers should be focusing on mental and physical health after 40

Fathers over the age of 40
Fathers over the age of 40 should give extra care to their minds and bodies. Pixabay

By Siddhi Jain

Just because you’re a dad it doesn’t mean you don’t have to focus on your health and fitness. Fathers over the age of 40 should give extra care to their minds and bodies.

This is the time when men are more prone to lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. A man’s hectic schedule, unhealthy habits, irregular healthcare patterns and spiraling stress are the reason behind such life-threatening conditions. But, children can play a vital role in keeping their fathers healthy.

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“Children can help their fathers in being aware of these diseases like cataract, prostate, diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc and work towards their prevention. The gift of time, for exercising together, going for a walk or a swim or a cycling trip together could be the best gift the children could give their fathers. They could also nudge them to visit their doctor for a regular checkup to take preventive steps against the development of these diseases before they flare up,” Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Internal Medicine, Ujala Cygnus Orthocare Hospital, New Delhi told IANSlife in an email.

Today’s generation is under a lot of stress and that is taking a toll on their health. The scenario is completely changed as compared to a decade or two ago. Work hours have been extended and the usage of phone and laptops has also increased. As a result all these factors have been affecting the overall health of fathers, who are in 40s. The most prominent ones being vision problem and hairfall problem. Their sedentary lifestyle have contributed to health conditions like obesity, diabetes and hypertension, notes Dr. P Venkata Krishna, Internal medicine, Paras hospital Gurugram.

Fathers over the age of 40
Sedentary lifestyle have contributed to health conditions like obesity among fathers above the age of 40. Pixabay

“All these diseases used to hit people above 60 but now we are seeing them in 40s. A decade ago, in my OPD, I used to have probably two patients who have early onset of hypertension but now I am getting five to seven easily. Hypertension also leads to many fatty liver diseases and heart diseases,” the doctor said.

Father’s Day gives us a chance to bring back focus to men’s health, especially as they age.

“Children can utilize Father’s Day to make their parents and other male members of the family what risk age poses to their health. They can motivate them to take up regular health screenings that are now available as packages with many, or accompany them during their exercise or jogging time. They can also dish out quick and easy healthy food for their fathers to inculcate a habit of eating healthy and living healthy by quitting alcohol and tobacco of all forms” said Dr Manjeetha Nath Das, Internal Medicines, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram.

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“We would ask children to talk to their parents and other male members of the family about the health risks that come with age and motivate them to opt for health screenings at regular intervals. Health screenings are the best way to detect diabetes and cancers and are now available as packages with many. Children can also encourage them to stick to their exercise routine and accompany them — it’s a great way for personal bonding too that reduces stress to a great extent,” Dr Rakesh Pandit, Senior Consultant & HOD, Internal Medicine, Aakash Healthcare told IANSlife.

Happy health to all fathers! (IANS)