Friday December 6, 2019

FDA Wants Women Getting Breast Implants to Receive Stronger Warnings about Possible Risks and Complications

The recommendations are the agency's latest attempt to manage safety issues with the implants

FDA, Women, Breast Implants
FILE - A photo shows the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. VOA

U.S. health officials want women getting breast implants to receive stronger warnings about the possible risks and complications. FDA.

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that manufacturers should add a boxed warning – the most serious type – to information used to market and prepare patients for implants.

The recommendations are the agency’s latest attempt to manage safety issues with the implants.

FDA, Women, Breast Implants
The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that manufacturers should add a boxed warning – the most serious type – to information used to market and prepare patients. Pixabay

In recent years, the FDA and regulators elsewhere have grappled with a link between a rare cancer and a type of textured implant, some of which have been recalled. Separately, the agency has received thousands of reports of health problems that some women attribute to the implants, including arthritis, fatigue and muscle pain.

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The FDA will take public comment on the recommendations before adopting them. (VOA)

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Here’s Everything you Need to Know about Shopping Addiction

Are you addicted to shopping? Then here's everything you should know

Young women suffer from shopping addiction. Lifetime Stock


Shopping addiction, a behavior particularly common in young women and online shoppers, can give you signs that it has arrived for you.

Anuneet Sabharwal, a Delhi-based psychiatrist, lists signs of shopping addiction and how you can de-addict yourself.

There are two different types of addictions, behavioral (like addiction sex, porn, shopping, etc) and substance use (addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc), he told IANSlife.

addiction of shopping
Signs of shopping addiction includes withdrawal symptoms. Lifetime Stock

Signs of a shopping addiction:

1. Tolerance, you need more and more doses of that particular behavior to get the same satisfaction

2. Withdrawal, both emotional and physical.

3. Neglect of other activities and obsession to the point that you’re not able to take any action on it

4. You are unable to control what you’re shopping when you’re shopping, you’re unable to maintain your social and occupational life

5. Whenever you are not shopping, you’re thinking about shopping and you’re experiencing some kind of distress, so it becomes a way for you to release stress.

6. You have a high for the buy. You’re thinking about the next binge of shopping.

People suffering from shopping addiction show signs like neglecting all other activities except for shopping. Lifetime Stock

Shopping addiction is mostly diagnosed in young women (early 20s to late 30s), which has a strong cultural component to it. It appears to be more in women than women, just like alcoholism is more prevalent in men. “Also, now everywhere you see, there’s branding and a nudge to shop,” the expert said.

How to de-addict?

1. It affects those who do online Shopping. Get rid of all your debit and credit cards, and adopt cash. You have to then drive to the shop. Place barriers between you and the addiction.

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2. Your craving lasts for less than 2-3 minutes to manage it during that time.

3. Remove visual cues like apps on your phone that prompts you to indulge in shopping behavior. (IANS)