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A Few Key Pointers To Keep You Motivated To Achieve Your Weight Goal

It's never too late! Re-align but don't resign

Around 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions are dropped by the second week of February. Strava conducted research using over 800 million user-logged activities in 2019, which found that most people give up their resolutions by January 19, often referred to as “Quitters Day”. Getting into ‘best shape’ or ‘losing weight’ is the resolution kept most by people, over the years.

In the generation we are living in, approximately 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese, which means, obesity is a very common condition globally. Hence it is natural that most of us resort to weight-loss as a resolution. If you’ve made it past the “quitters” list and want to be a part of the 20 percent who don’t drop out by the second week of February, here are a few key pointers to keep you motivated to achieve your weight goal.

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Try looking at your resolutions as reflections

Look back and observe what went right the last time you signed up for something, use that sense of accomplishment to sign up for your next task. The term ‘resolution’ could be daunting, so don’t let it overwhelm you. Do not overhaul your lifestyle with unrealistic changes as you will end up slipping into your old ways.

Pen it down

People often keep a load of all the things that they’re going to do/change in a cloud of thought in their head. Physically penning it down on paper makes it tangible, and a lot more real. Affirmations act as a constant reminder in days of doubt, so use your time to make a list of all the things you’re proud of so far and all those that you’re going to be proud of soon. The universe has its way of patting you on the back. Be sure to throw it out there!

Affirmations act as a constant reminder in days of doubt. Pixabay

Be specific

It’s very convenient to pen down, “get in shape”, however, this resolution of yours can be made a lot more achievable with a — “get in shape by taking the stairs in my building”. These are small in scope but have a very high success rate in comparison to vague, broad-bracketed goals.

Baby steps

Rome was not built in a day, and no one expects things to change overnight either. However, it is important to identify the tiny milestones by making small changes in your daily lifestyle. The first step for fitness is simple, say no to sugar — switching from table sugar to low-calorie sweeteners, swapping chocolate with sugar-free dark chocolate, consuming fresh fruit instead of canned juices, etc. These tiny changes take you a long way!

I have observed a pattern of how most people who sign up for resolutions usually become complacent around the first week of February. With festive occasions like Valentine’s Day approaching, people find it hard to keep up with their resolutions especially if it has anything to do with sugar or calories. Here’s where your lifestyle and the sweet tooth can enjoy alignment. Make simple changes in your day, like swapping white sugar for low-calorie sweeteners to observe achievable results.

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Do not deprive yourself of indulging, but indulge right. You don’t need to completely give up your sweet cravings, it’s the sugar that needs the ditching. Weight loss Resolutions are only the first step towards change. We’re only human, and temptation and lethargy are bound to find you. It is completely okay if you have almost given up as long as you identify the fact that you did and restart from scratch. We all stumble, but it’s those who get back up that makes the difference. Don’t say no to your cravings. Eat sweet, but not sugar.

In case you’ve stumbled upon a resolution hurdle and found yourself contemplating its worth, now’s your time to jump in and keep running. It’s never too late! Re-align but don’t resign! (IANS)



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