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Few Tips For Parenting Boys, Which Will Make Them Kind And Gentle

Parenting boys.
Parenting boys. Pixabay.

The upbringing of a child plays a major role in how that child turns out to be in real life. In a country like India, where the crime rate concerning female sexual molestation and rape is high, upbringing by parents is often questioned. Parenting boys become a significant factor to prevent such crimes. From their very childhood, they should be taught to respect women and the quality of being gentle and sensitive. Crime rates are one thing, but many times, unknowingly, we pass comments which are sexist and derogatory. For example, a parent may often scold his/her son by saying, “don’t cry like a girl”. These statements showcase women as inferior to men. This makes the elders responsible for first discerning the concept of parenting boys well.

Below are a Few Tips for Parenting Boy

Be The Ideal Role Model

Most boys look up to their fathers as a superhero. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the fathers to act like one. They should be the ideal father figures who instil values and responsibilities in their sons. The fathers must model the behavior to teach their sons the men they hope them to become. Mothers should also act as the same role model to their sons by inculcating good values in them.

Teach Them As To How To Deal With Emotions

When your son is upset or feeling low and wants to vent his feelings, then don’t stop him. Don’t just say: Be strong or Be a man! Talk to them. Make them realize how important is it to act mature at tough times. Don’t hush them by stopping their tears. Instead, understand the reason behind those tears so that they become stronger persons for the tougher times to come in life.

3. Teaching Empathy

One of the biggest things which parents should keep in mind, especially when parenting boys, is to teach them to be more empathetic. Kids of today’s times are more aggressive than how kids used to be 20 or 30 years ago. And one of the biggest reasons of this is technology. Boys are much more attracted towards violent video games, which make them more aggressive and numb towards human emotions.

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Don’t Hold Back Your Care And Affection

Just because your son has grown up and needs to be strong should not be mean that he doesn’t deserve the same amount of care and affection as he used to when he was a child. Parents after their kids reach adolescence get distant from them. At this age, parents try to tutor their kids, especially their sons. Being under constant instruction without the same amount of care and affection being rendered, they’ll disconnect and never share what needs to be shared.

5. Give Freedom To Sons For Making Important Decisions

If you want your son to not go off the track, then trust him and let him take important decisions of his life. Your decision to give him the freedom to make decisions of life will make him think that he has grown mature, and he would start understanding his responsibilities well. He will also be able to distinguish between right and wrong. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while parenting boys.

-by Megha Acharya of NewsGram. Megha can be reached at @ImMeghaacharya.


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