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Few Tips To Maximize Kitchen Space And Use Smart Storage Solutions

Always keep your kitchen clean and organized

The kitchen is at the heart of every Indian home. And with the onset of COVID 19, most of us have taken the control of the kitchen again, perhaps more often than we would like.

Before the pandemic, the kitchen was seen as a personal space where entertainment, functionality, and aesthetics met. But now with the routine of daily cooking and the need for longer-term storage solutions, the kitchen feels shorter on space and excitement.

Priyanka Kheruka, Brand Head, Borosil Ltd shares a few tips to maximize your kitchen space and use smart storage solutions:

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The most important thing to do is de-clutter and reorganize your kitchen. Decluttering will give you more space in the kitchen. When possible, move items that are not used daily off the countertops and into cabinets. Clear, organized countertops will transform the way your kitchen looks and feels. But avoid bumping into cabinets.

Ensure to move away from the pots and pans that are not functional for some time. It’s probably time to rethink those unused dessert sets you got during your wedding which you have stashed on top of cabinets to be used ‘someday’. Only keep as many plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, and utensils as you use in your everyday life. Bring home Glass dishes that can be multifunctional- wherein you can Cook, Store, Serve and Reheat as well.

Store food so that you can see what you have

Place your kitchen essentials properly that you can easily see them. Pixabay

Arrange your food in a manner that you can actually see what you have. Neatly stack your pulses, grains, snacks and spices, and other essential ingredients in airtight glass jars. Glass jars helps in freshness and retains the natural flavors. Glass Jars are also easy to use as they are transparent and food store can be easily seen and accessed. It’s easy to clean and is hygienic.

Invest in smart appliances

Kitchen appliances are meant to make kitchen jobs easier. But too many appliances occupy space. Decide on appliances that are definitely needed as per your cooking needs or are multifunctional. Ensure one corner of your kitchen has all the appliances stacked neatly together which are lightweight, functional, and are from a reputed brand. This will save money, time, and effort.

Smart functioning

Maximize your existing kitchen space with practical solutions to make your kitchen look more spacious. For your spoons, knives, and glasses, buy free-range shelves, baskets, and hanging rods to free your drawers and counters. This will also add a touch of design to your kitchen walls.

Organize and reinvent

Stack your containers vertically in kitchen cabinets to create more space. Additionally, add a cart or trolley if your pantry is full. This way, you can move it easily whenever you are cooking and can stash it away when family or friends come to visit. Add a kitchen ladder that can go up against your kitchen wall. This will not occupy space and you can decorate it with plants and use it to stack your crockery.

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Sanitize the smart way

In this precedent times of Covid, the safety and health of our family is the first priority. It’s of utmost importance to regularly sanitize and clean the kitchen surfaces, food material, regular grocery packets, etc in the kitchen. Homemakers often soak their vegetables in saltwater or vinegar or spray it with disinfectants to kill the possibility of germs. Regular Chemical sanitizers pose health hazards.

Invest in a UV Disinfection unit. Borosil’s ‘Suraksha’ UV Disinfect Unit is cost-effective specially designed for modern households. It is able to disinfect 99.9 percent germs and can sterilize fruits and vegetables, milk and other food packets, bread and grocery packets, electronics, personal use items, and baby products such as toys and bottles. (IANS)



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