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Find Tutors With Just a Few Clicks Using these 4 Mobile Apps

  • Technology is proving to be a disruptive influence on education today.
  • With technology as a key driver, Indian education industry has witnessed a rise in E-based learning portals.
  • Online-tutoring is transitioning the Indian academic diaspora. 

– By Soha Kala

July 24, 2017: Technology is everywhere and online tutoring from your smartphones and laptops using a computer-generated application and internet connectivity is the new cool for teenagers.

At a time when the world is moving towards personalized services, the education sector is not far behind. If you ask your parents, or if you are a parent yourself, you might have apprehensions about studying on a computer device. However, for today’s children, who are exposed to technology from an early age, technology-assisted learning makes for a booming industry.

Recent times have witnessed a surge in various online tutoring startups that enable an enhanced way of learning and delivering private coaching right at your doorstep using technology as a key driver.


  • A chance to connect with educators in meaningful and efficient ways from anywhere in the world
  • Access to one-on-one learning in real time helps produce high levels of academic achievement
  • The amount of content and reference material on these portals is enormous


there has been a rise in online tutoring portals.
Online tutoring is both, interactive and fun. Pixabay

These computer-generated applications host lessons on mobile devices and also provide students with comprehensive reference resources and recorded lessons. This gives the student a chance to watch again, or meet with a tutor even when he is not in physical proximity; so long he has an internet connection.

If the current trend persists, this might be the end of in-home tutoring and the beginning of an academic revolution.

Wish to find a tutor within a few clicks? We give you a round-up of some successfully established tutoring apps,

  • UrbanPro

Formerly known to many as ThinkVidya, UrbanPro is one of India’s largest online destinations to connect with tutors, trainers, and coaching centers. With a strong consumer base of about 7 lakh in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and the National Capital Region, the app brings together more than 3 lakh professionals to connect and interact with.

Tutors can create detailed profiles on the application to interact and connect with students. The portal also helps parents find the best schools in their vicinity, receive admission alerts, and get in touch with ‘School experts’. Students can also get customized worksheets which make for a highly interactive experience.


With a guarantee of improved grades, is an online, on-demand coaching service that lets students connect with an educator for one-on-one assistance with subjects like science, social studies, math, and English.  The students can also save and review their tutoring sessions, which gives this application an edge over all its competitors.  Apart from this, it grants access to a wide variety of educational resources that can be availed as per one’s preferences or requirements.


With an increasing shift to e-learning, home-based tuition might see a negative trend.
More and more students are now opting to consult online tutors. Pixabay

  • TutorIndia

An application designed for the convenience of both, tutors and students alike, TutorIndia helps you connect with local teachers and/or seek online private tutoring. It hosts detailed profiles of tutors, who can then either apply directly to jobs posted by students or can be contacted by the students themselves.

Apart from this, the application provides a host of specialized services that include helping with assignments and offering expertise in both, primary subjects like English, Math, and Chemistry and advanced streams like Biotechnology, Programming, and Business to name a few.

The application does not charge any commission or fee for contacting teachers, which makes it a hit among consumers.

  • Genext Students

This application lives up to its name; it is developed for the students of the next generation.

India’s first hybrid tutoring model, the application provides students with a wide array of academic support material, videos, and online notes with NCERT solutions, tests and sample papers for ICSE, CBSE, and various State Boards. Students can access a few chapters of every subject for free, after which they are required to submit a nominal subscription fee.  The application also offers a variety of tests for the student to undertake, to identify strong and weak areas in every subject, analyze performance, and track academic progress.

With an elaborate database of study material, Genext Students makes for an ideal learning app for after-school study and revision.

– by Soha Kala for NewsGram. Twitter @SohaKala

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