First ever International Ramayana Conference in Fiji starting Today

3 day International Ramayana Conference will start on October 14,2016 in Fiji

A portrait represents Rama while stringing the bow breaks it and wins Sita as his wife. Wikimedia Commons

Fiji, October 14, 2016: To spread the awareness of Holy epic Ramayana, the Fiji Sevashram and other religious organisations of Fiji have planned to organise an International Ramayana Conference which will start with an inaugural function today 14th October from 7 pm at Suva Civic Centre Upper Auditorium, Fiji.

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The program will start its course for three days (14th – 16th October 2016) with a formal welcome of delegates and keynote address by Chief Guest Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the Attorney General and Minister of Economy, Public Enterprises, Civil Service and communication.

More than 25 eminent scholars from across India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Guayana, Trinidad, Tobago, Australia and New Zealand will join the International Ramayana Conference (Fiji), 2016 and will present on various aspects about Ramayana.

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The journey of three days conference is followed by Academic session, General session and Cultural evening in which various presentations by Mandalis, regional finalists, sang kirtan and chanting will happen.

To give people more deep insight on Ramayana and life of Lord Rama, there has been organised a fair named “Ramayana book fair” where people can get various books by different authors on Ramayana and different facts related to the life of Lord Rama.

The troop from India will also perform Ramleela and will show the glimpse of Lord Rama’s life.

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“Ramleela is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama, ending up in 10 day battle between Rama and Ravana, as described in the Hindu Religious Epic, the Ramayana.”

To represent the Ramayana, various cultural performances by international performers, traditional folk songs and skit performances will be performed as it was done during Girmit era in Mauritius and Trinidad and a journey with Ram Avtaar Sharma on the footsteps of Rama from Ayodhya to Lanka will guide the people on Rama’s life.

“The conference is to inspire people especially our younger generation and imply teachings of Lord Rama in there lives.”

Organisers are attracting people by providing free passes and lunch to all.

International Ramayana Conference will end on Sunday 16th October 2016 with concluding presentations, outcomes of the conference, presentations to mandalis, conference closing and farewell lunch.

-by Aakash Mandyal of NewsGram. Twitter: @Aakashsen6



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