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5 Apps Which Make Millennials Spend Money Wisely!

These finance apps may help the millennials in managing their expenses in a better way.

Apps which can help Millennials save money

Millennials are leading their lives in the “tech age”, where they have their own set of generation problems. Inflation has been a common problem of all the generations, but Millennials altogether have a different approach to life. The young adults of today are much more carefree. Their expenses are not just limited to home, family and food. From going on regular vacations to spending money in hip restaurants, they want it all. Keeping all these factors in mind, it becomes necessary to set meager budgets for all the planned luxuries and at the same time increase your savings as well. This may sound difficult, but the digital era has made it easier. Below are five finance apps which would manage your expenses!

  1. Cash Envelopes! 

Keeping a strong will is tough if you always find money in your wallet. This is a world-wide problem. The solution for it is to decide your budget for various expenses and keep them inside envelopes. An excellent savings app, Mvelopes, has expertly executed this idea with the help of technology. This way, if anyone savings envelope gets vacant, you can either wait for it to refill or take money from other cash envelopes. These envelopes will get connected to maximum four bank accounts.

2. ‘Balance’ Your Way

An app called Balance is at the rescue of millennials. It helps to manage money effectively so that one can save a good amount. It has recommendations on habits of expenditures in the form of ‘recipes’. The app streamlines the documentation processes in investments; thus, making an individual aware of the risks linked to it.

3. Keep a track on money spent

Sometimes, we may just get reckless and spend our cash without keeping in mind the expenses. To control this behavior is of utmost importance. An app called Money View would help you maintain a record of all the payments you made. It also tracks the dates of your bill and never lets you miss a payment deadline.

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4. Sharing budget

Setting a good budget will better your spending habits. And, the Google Budget app helps you to understand better spending habits. It is quite like Mvelopes, except that it also facilitates sharing these budgets with close relatives. This app taps all types of payments, users are making from the connected account.

5. Tracking Your Overall Financial Position

Since Millennials grew up in the generation when technology witnessed a boom, they are expected to handle their bank accounts digitally without much panic or mulling.Mint app keeps track of your expenses, cash and income inflows. This leads to constant reminders in your mind about how much money you should or should not spend. An integrated amount of your savings also helps you in making better and bigger future decisions.

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How To Choose The Best Term Insurance?

Term insurance not only brings you money but also keeps your family safe

Representational Image. Image source:

Term insurance plans are deemed to be one of the best forms of life insurance because of the high cover they offer at affordable rates. For instance, a person who is 30 years old must pay just 700 or 800 bucks a month to cover one crore for 30 years. That’s like spending on watching one movie with friends. Although cost is the most important factor when considering buying insurance, it is, however, not the only factor. With that said, let’s try and go over a few other important deciding factors for buying term insurance policies.

The size of the cover

The size of the cover is one other most important deciding factor for buying insurance. If the insurance you buy does not assure sum that’s large enough to cover all expenses such as any basic expenses that you and your family may incur and other crucial expenses like those arising from your children’s education or marriage. One other thing to note here is that, not only should the term insurance policy cover your expenses, they should be able to cover your liabilities as well. Liabilities can be anything including debts and loans. Big borrowings such as home loans should also be covered.

Term Insurance
These instances include cover for the loss of employment, cover for a premium waiver, cover for permanent disability Pixabay

Cost considerations

The cost of the insurance is usually not very high, especially if you start at a very early age. In fact, for all those young buyers out there, the cost for covering an insurance of Rs. 1 Crore for themselves for 30 years from the date at which they buy will be no more than that of a soft drink. When considering the cost of insurance, one should also keep in mind their family’s and their own lifestyle and should envision how this lifestyle changes over the course of a few years.

With each different stage of life comes different responsibilities. For example, a person who is single may have very different responsibilities than the one who is married or one who has kids to care for. But most people would rather go for a vanilla term insurance which is not spiced up than one which would cover a little extra for them, such as an accidental death benefit.

This should not be the case, however. Especially if you have the means to buy that extra coverage. Many people may have heard that they could be covered by insurance for all those major, critical illnesses. This is not true. Health insurance covers only for hospitalization and doesn’t necessarily cover the medical expenses incurred for the treatment of major illnesses.

Term insurance
Your family members will be covered financially, in the case of your absence. Pixabay

Tips to choose the best term insurance plan

When buying life insurance, there are plenty to choose from. But the question is, how does one choose something that best befits his needs? It’s very simple in fact. There are some key factors you will need to consider before buying term insurance.


  • Value for human life


When you buy term insurance, you expect that you are covered for any major expenses that you tend to incur sometime in your life. Also, your family members will be covered financially, in the case of your absence. Therefore, the term insurance you choose must provide adequate cover. Else, it may not be worth your money. There is a term in insurance that’s used for this kind of thing, and it is called as value for human life.

The human life value or HLV is simply the individual’s income and his loans and liabilities put together. So, the term insurance you choose must have a high HLV, which is the basis of any term insurance.


  • Rider benefit


Those term insurances that are deemed to be the best are the ones that cover all aspects. Likewise, it would be an additional benefit for the said insured person, if the term insurance comes along with a rider. A rider is something that provides benefits in addition to the primary policy. For example, let’s say that the insured has a critical illness. Then, he can receive the sum assured, in addition to being diagnosed with the same.

Term insurance
Health insurance covers only for hospitalization and doesn’t necessarily cover the medical expenses incurred for the treatment of major illnesses. flickr

So, just as in that case, there are many such instances where riders can prove to be beneficial. These instances include cover for the loss of employment, cover for a premium waiver, cover for permanent disability, etc.


  • Cover enhancement


One of the main features that the term insurance should have is that it should be flexible for enhancement of coverage during those critical stages of the life of the policyholder. For example, the coverage could be enhanced as much as by 50 percent during the policy holder’s marriage or by 25 percent during the time the policyholder becomes a parent.

This not only allows the policyholder to start with a nominal cover but also allows them to increase the cover over time, as their responsibilities and their income increases.



  • Cover convenience


Among all the life insurances that are present out there, term life insurance is regarded as the best and most innovative. This is because, one, the premium extension rates have been reduced considerably. And two, buying the term insurance could have never been easier now thanks to the internet. Also, it is now possible to buy term insurance online, without having to go through various medical tests for term plan.

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Life is indeed very important. And if life is important to you, then ensuring your life with a term plan should be equally important. Term insurance not only brings you money but also keeps your family safe by making them stay financially afloat in case of your absence. However, you should always keep in mind that you should be extra careful when buying insurance and not succumb to peer pressure. This is because, if you are reckless in buying insurance, it could cost you big time later in your life.