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Five benefits of the wonder drink ‘Vodka’ that you must know

Early on, it was popular not as an alcoholic drink to enjoy, but for its medicinal properties

Health benefits of Vodka

New Delhi, September 28, 2017: As everything has its pros and cons, so does Vodka. Of course, we know that it isn’t exactly great for our livers, but what’s not much known is the fact, that when taken in moderation, it is capable of doing some really amazing things.

Vodka, a popular beverage made of ethanol and water, has historic roots with stories of its inventions dating back to the 9th century or the 8th century, according to the Russian and the Polish respectively. Early on, it was popular not as an alcoholic drink to enjoy, but for its medicinal properties. These medicinal properties have been appreciated in the modern world as well.

Vodka is believed to have a number of benefits, both as internal medication and as external lotion which can be applied on the body. Vodka, so it seems, can do wonders, but one mustn’t forget, Moderation is the key. Let’s take a look at five amazing benefits of vodka, “the wonder drink”.

Five benefits of Vodka, “the wonder drink”: 

  • Vodka Reduces Stress: This can be said for most of the alcoholic drinks, but vodka has the back of science to prove that it has properties that really does reduce stress. It has been scientifically proven and empirically accounted, that it has in it the thing that relaxes the body, calms the brain and induces sleep.
Health benefits of Vodka
Vodka reduces stress. Pixabay
  • Vodka Works Great for Hair and Skin: Owing to its astringent properties, which tighten the skin pores and cleanse the skin, it works really well as a skin toner. A potion of green tea and vodka, when applied on face every night, can give amazing results. It also helps eliminate toxins from your scalp to prevent dandruff and enhance hair growth. Vodka has to be a new add in your beauty care routine.
Health benefits of Vodka
Vodka works great for hair and skin. Pixabay
  • Vodka Lowers Fever: On its application on patient’s forehead, chest and leg as an ointment or lotion, it has been proved, that the body temperature reduces, thus lowering the fever. Rubbing a few drops on your temples is, in fact, an old Russian folklore remedy to get rid of fever and headache. So the next time you or someone you know has fever, you know what to go for.
Health benefits of Vodka
Vodka lowers fever. Pixabay

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  • Vodka Relieves Toothache: Swishing a small amount, probably a shot of vodka around the aching tooth can help reduce the pain or even help get rid of it entirely. It can also work as an effective mouthwash when mixed with cinnamon, curing bad breath. Just like the ready-made mouthwashes, all you need is to do some sipping, swishing and spitting to combat that bad breath.
Health Benefits of Vodka
Vodka relieves toothache. Wikimedia
  • Vodka Has antiseptic properties: Vodka has antiseptic properties that prove themselves useful time and again. It helps prevent development of infection, in case of an animal bite; cures cold; helps bring down the fever; promotes urination, thereby easy flushing of toxins from the body. However, its application should be avoided on dry, sensitive or burned skin unless one has been specifically instructed.
Benefits of Vodka
Vodka has antiseptic properties. Pixabay

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