Following its own culture and language will make India a powerful nation: Koenraad Elst

The only way India can be a powerful nation of the 21st century is to follow her own culture and language and not be an Anglo-Indian, says Dr. Elst

Dr. Koenraad Elst

By Arnab Mitra

New Delhi, Feb 6,2016: “The only way India can be a powerful nation of the 21st century is to follow her own culture and not be an Anglo-Indian”, said Belgium philosopher Dr Koenraad Elst in a seminar titled ‘Vedic Religion and Buddhism’ organized by Wider Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES) and Human Advancement Institute in New Delhi on Saturday.

Elst referring to countries like Russia, China, France and Japan, said India must also follow its own culture to become a powerful nation.

He said, “language and culture is like a mother of any race and she cannot be compared with the mother-in-law, so the the original culture cannot be substituted with a foreign one. Indians will have the subservient attitude if the system remains same.”

He recalled that before Muslim rulers invaded India it was propagated that “Hinduism is the problem and Buddhism is the solution”. However, he further noted that with Islamic rulers, Islam took the place of Buddhism.

But the true story is Hinduism is much a large concept, claimed Elst, adding that there was a time when every tribe and pagan Indian was considered a Hindu. Even at the initial level the Buddhists were Hindus, he mentioned.

So Indians, by definition are Hindus and the Sikhs, Buddhists and any other religion in India have originated from Hinduism except Islam and Christianity, said Elst.

“In India, every language whether it is Bengali or Oria, all originated from Vedic Sanskrit and it is a very vague concept that vernacular language cannot be implemented in a diverse country like India which has a plethora of cultures,” said the philosopher.

The dialect changes with every 10 kms in most big countries but only in India it is noted that the culture and language take a backseat when they are replaced, he regretted.



  1. Compulsive and strong requirement via local language is understandable to store the knowledge in the language of dreams which is a mother`s language.What stands blocked is how to transform the collective piles of English/French/Dutch in any colonial country with sources of books and admin rules in the mother tongue of several communities.Is local language really a step to become powerful or is it still a vehicle towards India`s power ? What about culture when language was missing or was not in use ? What about the misuse of Sanskrit promoters who bashed Tulisidas wanting to rewrite Ram charit manas in local language ? This good coverage remains incomplete if the full text or vedio is not published of this event missed by several including me.

  2. Mughal rule and British rule which buried all that was good about Sanatan Bharath was the root cause for the domination and a feeling of superiority of Abrahamic religions over Dharmic religions. Even after 1947 Nehru and Congress openly allowed religious conversions of back ward class Hindus to Christianity and Islam hurting the Hindus immensely. Now for Asian religions to survive and spread the universal truth of tolerance practiced by Hindus, Sikhs Jains and Buddists is to UNITE against assaults by Abrahamic religions, particularly Vatican which has billions and thousands of NGOs to influence against Sanathan dharams. Look at the way Amnesty international, a vatican supported organization taregeted the Hindus and Indian govt for human rights violations and gave a free pass to all Terrorists who attacked india and killed hundreds of people. Any atrocity on Hindus never does not get publicized in the press and TV.


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