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Forgotten by father, child dies in locked car


Abu Dhabi: A four-year-old boy died of suffocation and high temperature after his father locked him inside his car and forgot about him in United Arab Emirates (UAE), a media report said on Saturday.

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On Friday evening, the child returned home with his father and he thought his son had already gotten off the car and locked it. The car was parked in front of their house located in Al Ramsa area in Sharjah.

The police later claimed they found the boy in car, motionless. He was taken to Al Qasimi Hospital in Al Khezami where he was pronounced dead, Khaleej Times reported.

The Sharjah Police recently warned parents against leaving children locked in cars with the engines running. A top official said leaving children locked in cars even for five minutes in the sweltering heat can lead to suffocation, and could prove fatal.

Last year, more than five such cases were reported in Sharjah alone. (IANS)

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Tesla Launches A New Programme That Lets You Send Images Into Space

Each week, a random winner from the referral programme will be selected to race an electric semi truck around the Tesla test track.

tesla, maezawa, elon musk
Tesla has become the most valuable American carmaker, with its stock worth more than $50 billion. Pixabay

Want to send your photo to space? Tesla’s new referral programme rewards owners by sending an image of their choice “etched in glass” to deep space, the media reported.

According to a Daily Mail report, Tesla customers who encourage their friends and family to purchase Model S, Model X, Model 3 and solar products using their referral code are set to receive rewards.

The rewards involves Tesla laser-etching any photo of the owner’s choice that would be sent into deep space.

The photos will be sent as part of the “Launch Your Photo into Deep Space Orbit” reward on SpaceX rockets.

Tesla CEO
Elon Musk agrees to step down as Chairman (VOA)

Owners wanting to send their photos to space will need to upload the desired snap onto the Tesla mobile app before December, the report said.

“Tesla owners can refer someone to buy their car and get any image they want laser etched in glass and sent to deep space for millions of years,” Elon Musk tweeted late on Friday.

Tesla owners who have four qualifying referrals would get priority access to vehicle software updates and those with more than one car will have priority access to software updates.

If owners have two referrals they get a matte black Wall Connector with an etch of Musk’s signature.

SpaceX, Tesla
SpaceX’s BFR launch vehicle is seen in this handout image provided. VOA

Users with three referrals can have a Model S or Model X for one week, or if they don’t want to use the reward, they can give it to a friend, the Daily Mail reported.

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Each week, a random winner from the referral programme will be selected to race an electric semi truck around the Tesla test track.

Those with five referrals will get a VIP invitation, with a plus one, to a future car unveiling event. (IANS)

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