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Fortnite is a free to play royal battle game. Pixabay

By Daisy M. Marino

Whether you’re a decorated Fortnite veteran or a total beginner, these tips and tricks are for everybody. Some of them you might know already, and some could be new, but it’s good to refresh your knowledge once in a while. These tips will involve many things, from Fortnite weapons to helicopters and peppers.

Without further ado, here are thirteen Fortnite tips to improve your Fortnite game.

No Fall Damage Landing on a Bush

Need a quick way down from a build fight high up? Aim to land on a bush. It’s a safe way to get down without using your materials. Besides, after a build fight, you’ll be lacking in resources to build a way down.

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Crouch Walk While Aiming Down Sights is Silent

You can hear everybody’s footsteps in the game. They’re actually quite loud. If you want to sneak up on someone, crouch walking isn’t enough. Crouching dampens footsteps, but it doesn’t completely cover it. You should aim down sights while walking to make your steps as silent as can be.

Replace Ramp in a Box Fight

When you’re fighting someone with low health in a box and they block you with a ramp, force them to fight you. Replace their wall, destroy the ramp, and replace it with your own. You should be facing the back wall so the ramp traps both of you under it. With that, you can shoot your opponent easily.

Fortnite game. Pixabay

Drop Weapon to Reload

Pick them up as soon as possible. You’ll see that its clip is full again. Chances are you’ve already seen pro players do this while healing, and it’s precisely for this reason. It applies to every Fortnite weapon that can be reloaded. Plus, you can cut out the reloading animation for those Fortnite weapons that have a long one.

Wear Basic Skins

Frame rate drops and lag can kill. It’s good if it happens to your enemy, but obviously not if it happens to you. To avoid getting low frame rates, wear the basic skins from the Fortnite Item Shop without animations and effects. You’ll see a spike in your FPS as soon as you do.

Target Helicopter Propellers

You can shoot down helicopters faster if you target their propellers. Either the top one or the tail one is fine. You’ll do more than twice the damage on the rotors than on the body. Keep this in mind when chasing someone on a chopper.

Upgrade White Shotgun to Green

Instead of trying to find something to replace a white shotgun, try upgrading it to green. It would cost you a total of 30 resources, but it’s worth it. The damage difference might seem quite small, however, this small detail can let you win more fights. For example, using a white shotgun can leave your opponent at 1 life, while if you’d used a green one they’d be dead.

Dive Deeper Over Water

This is something everybody knows and does while jumping off the Battle Bus. They seem to forget that it still applies when and wherever you glide around the island. Just keep it in mind so you can avoid getting caught up in fights or the storm.

Fortnite swimming. Pixabay

Feed Purple or Gold Items to Sharks

Sharks may be annoying nuisances, but they can give you good loot with the proper actions. You’ll want to feed them something of Epic or Legendary rarity. They’ll then glow purple or gold afterward. When you kill them, you can get the Fortnite item you fed them plus some other Fortnite items of the same rarity. Turn these annoyances into something you can benefit from!

You Can Edit Builds From a Whole Tile Away (With a Blueprint)

Edit your builds safely from a distance with this tip. Sure, you have to be holding the blueprints to do so, but you can fool those who don’t know about this tip into thinking you’re nearer than you actually are. That gives you time to switch into your Fortnite weapon and shoot them down!

You Can Get Healing From Submerged Slurp Trucks

Those aren’t lost chances! Just swim up to above the truck and destroy it. You’ll get the shields and health from it once you do.

Or While Riding a Helicopter

You can also use the helicopters to destroy Slurp Trucks to heal yourself. While riding, bump into them to grab their effects. Make sure you don’t have anyone chasing you or else they might get hit by the restorative effects too.

Use Peppers

We all know peppers give a speed boost. You can even use them to build quickly over the water to get away from other players or the storm. If you don’t want to use materials, you can just swim over and the boost still carries over.

Go and Grab Those Victory Royales!

Sure, you’re not going to be an instant expert just by reading this article. It’ll take some time to get used to applying these tips. You might forget them again, as well. Give yourself time to adjust and acclimate to this new information, and you’ll see your ranking rise.

That’s going to take time, so use it to practice and enjoy the game. The island may host a Battle Royale but that’s not all that you can do in the game. You can fish, look for interesting easter eggs, practice with unfamiliar Fortnite weapons, and do challenges. Depending on the season and the whims of the developers, there are even big events like concerts and tournaments to participate in.

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One last tip you should know: Enjoy the game! Always focusing on getting that Victory Royale will burn you out. You should balance true practice with relaxed play. If you’re always concentrating on beating opponents, anticipating them, and planning your next moves, you’ll tire quite easily. You need to rest and step back to review your past performance with a fresh, calm, and objective eye.

Training and resting are two sides of the same coin of growth. You can’t train if you’re tired so you need to rest. On the flip side, you can’t just keep resting or you’ll never advance. The optimal routine would be one that balances work and play.

So practice and have fun along the way! Enjoy Fortnite!

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored, and hence promotes some commercial links.)


Photo by Chelson Tamares on Unsplash

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