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FRP Cooling Tower Benefits You Should Know About

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics. So what is it anyway? It simply is a cooling tower but the FRP is the type of material it is made of. The FRP cooling towers are of moderate size and quite easy to install. Due to their size, you have no excuse of not getting yourself one as they can be squeezed into a crowded population.

The FRP cooling tower is designed in a way that for heat loss to occur air must come into contact with water. The aim of the air is to lower the temperature of the hot water.

Types of cooling towers

  1. FRP round cooling towers; the frame and casing is round shaped.

frp cooling towers
FRP round cooling towers.

2. FRP square cooling towers; the frame and casing is square shaped.

Where are the FRP cooling tower installed?

They are mostly used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, thermal plants, for building cooling and air conditioning, large school and hotels, hospitals and oil refineries, steel mills, power plants to mention but a few.

The FRP type of cooling tower is available either in the natural drafts or induced drafts.

Natural draft FRP cooling towers are designed in a way that they can move air up through the tower without the use of fans, so naturally.

Induced draft FRP cooling towers there depend on the fans to get rid of the drift.

What are the parts of a FRP cooling tower and what is their function?


  • Fill; the fills can be made of PVC of wood. The PVC is more likely to be used in the FRP cooling tower to facilitate heat transfer by maximizing water and air contact. Fill can be splash or film type depends on what works best for the cooling tower.
  • Frame and casing; the frame and casing of the FRP cooling tower is fiberglass reinforced plastics. Some towers have the frame and external casings while the rest the frame serves as the casing too.
  • Fans; the common types used are propeller and the centrifugal fans. The FRP cooling towers with induced drafts use propeller fans while both propeller and centrifuge are used in the forced draft cooling towers.
  • Cold water basin; this is where the water drips down to from the fills. The basin sometimes has heaters especially during winter to prevent freezing of the water in the basin.
  • Air inlets; allows the air in for to allow direct contact with the hot water for cooling.
  • Louvers; the FRP cooling tower has to have louvers to prevent the entry of birds and rodents into the cooling tower. The louvers also lower the amount of splash out which prevents water wastage and lowers chemical use. They are responsible for keeping out direct sunlight to prevent algae growth in the cooling tower basin.
  • Drift eliminators; the function of this in the FRP cooling towers is to remove droplets of water from the air and to minimize loss of process water. They affect the water droplets and air forcing them to change direction suddenly and this separates the water and the air. The water goes back into the cooling tower
  • Drive shafts; they function by transmitting power from the motors output shaft to the gear reducer’s input shaft. It is important for the drive shaft to be corrosion resistant.
  • Gear reduced solutions; gear boxes available for the FRP cooling tower are designed to accommodate for the amount of horsepower and fan speed.

frp cooling towers
FRP square cooling towers.

What are the benefits of FRP cooling towers?

We thought you would never ask!

  • Easy repairs; the most frustrating part about repairs is not finding the part you are looking for. We at Sara Cooling Tower have heard you and we have whatever part you might be looking for.
  • Low maintenance; the FRP type of cooling towers demands less work. Frequent inspection is key but if the installation was good and parts used were of good quality then maintenance if low.
  • Strong cooling towers; the fiberglass reinforced plastic is some strong material forged to make a strong cooling tower.
  • FRP cooling towers are flexible; the parts in the FRP cooling tower system can be easily removed, fixed and returned effortlessly without interfering with the operation of the cooling tower.
  • High Durability; cooling towers can last to 30 or more years and the FRP cooling tower is no different. Getting one installed will be cash well spent.
  • Great Quality; this type of cooling tower is of good quality compared to those made of wood or PVC. The good quality plays a part in its durability.
  • Portable; if the industrial site relocates that doesn’t mean money was wasted on the cooling tower, No. The FRP cooling tower is so cool as it can be transported to the new site and still maintain its performance.
  • Easy to clean; due to its design, the FRP cooling tower is easy to clean and drain off the accumulated sediments.
  • All weather cooling system; the FRP cooling towers have heaters at the cold water basin to warm the water and prevent it from freezing. This means the cooling tower can be used during summer and during winter too.
  • Available in several designs; the FRP cooling towers are available in two designs the natural draft cooling towers and the induced draft cooling towers. The two use different air mechanisms hence you can choose one that best suits you.
  • Available in different shapes; this feature may not sound important but it is. When you are trying to fix a cooling tower and space is irregular try the square shaped one. They come in different colors too you can choose that which matches your taste.

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As listed above it is clear as day that the benefits of the FRP cooling towers are numerous. If you were having doubts by now we hope that we have shed some light. When buying parts for your new cooling tower visit us at Sara Cooling Towers and we will have whatever part it is you are looking for. you can rely on us as our products are being used widely around the world. Decide and come to us we are waiting for you.



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