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Photo by Javad Esmaeili on Unsplash

During the 1990s under Taliban rule women had to be covered from head to foot with a burqa.

Seeing a 6-year-old girl evacuated from Afghanistan by the Indian Air force left me to think about the situation in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan are for sure not safe under Taliban rule. Citizens said the Taliban will remain the Taliban, and they have not changed.

Women fear that they will have to face the same circumstances that occurred 20 years back in the 1990s. During the 90's when Taliban first gained control in Afghanistan, women were not allowed to access education and total freedom. Now After 20 years again, the Taliban control has led to a panic situation among the second gender of the society. As per the news reports, Taliban has already shut down some of the girl's schools and women's clinics in various districts.

taliban captures president office Taliban Terrorist after they captured President office. voa

According to a report in news, lot of women confirmed that they were asked to be accompanied by a male guardian at local markets or while going out of their houses. Few of them couldn't go out because they didn't have any male relatives nearby.

During the 1990s under Taliban rule they had to be covered from head to foot with a burqa besides being veiled, women had to be accompanied by a male relative when they venture out in the streets. Shopkeepers had been directed not to sell goods to uncovered women.

Rickshaw drivers are not to pick up women passengers unless they are fully covered. Women caught violating these rules are imprisoned, as are the shopkeeper and the rickshaw driver. Those rescued clearly see a 'dark' future and refuse to go back to their country.

Since the past 20 years they had a lot of progress but now in just a span of time all of it changed. They fear that the upcoming generations will never get the opportunities to prosper their future. Though at an interview the spokesman said, "We assure that there will be no violence against women." but women refused to accept it and said they can't be trusted.

The ultimate fear is of imposing the sharia law under Islam. This will lead to the end of 20 years of freedom and equality they attained. Image by VOA

The ultimate fear is of imposing the sharia law under Islam. This will lead to the end of 20 years of freedom and equality they attained. As a woman who didn't want to be identified said, "Taliban means suppression of women. Taliban means degradation of a woman's personality, position and role in society. Taliban means no education, no work for women other than housework and giving birth. Taliban means deprivation of women from enjoying all kinds of life happiness."

They never thought they would have to experience something like this again after 20 years. All these incidents and the Taliban's approach towards women shows a depressing future for them.

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