7 Tips On How To Always Wake Up On Time In College

7 Tips On How To Always Wake Up On Time In College

By Grace Johnson

Many students complain that waking up early to go to classes seems to be getting more and more difficult day by day. Respectively, the temptation to stay in bed and sleep another hour often trumps the need to attend lectures. However, this is not a kind of attitude that must be encouraged.

Moreover, if going to university, college, and getting a degree were your biggest dreams once, do not let yourself sleep through your life and studies. Instead, look for the reasons why you have trouble waking up.

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Staying up all night with friends, leaving huge projects to the last minute, watching a favorite TV show, or reading a book till 4 a.m. are just a few of possible reasons that could cause your constant lack of energy. Obviously, if you don't have enough sleep at night, you'll be acting as a sleepwalker during the day.

Therefore, we've prepared a shortlist of how you can get rid of a sleep coma and live a full and happy life on the morning of your college. Here are our tips:

Get Professional Help

If the main reason behind your sleepless nights is the inability to manage all assignments on time, get professional help for your college. Find someone to write paper for you to break the vicious circle of missed deadlines and poorly written essays.

A lack of sleep caused by your efforts to make up for writing assignments only slows you down. You are better off requesting help online tutoring once in a while than torturing yourself by pushing your limits.

Develop Your Routine

The first thing you should do if you want to wake up easily is to start working on your schedule. You need to have a proper night's sleep if you want to be active in the morning. Thus, make sure you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

Should you wake up at 6 a.m. for your college commute, make sure you go to sleep at 10 p.m. at the latest. You have to sleep for around 8 hours at night to recover your energy. Even if you don't have to travel to your school now, try to maintain your daily routine still.

Develop your routine and be on time. Unsplash

Scientists say that our habits develop in 20 days. Thus, following this schedule for a month will help you easily fall asleep at a certain time and wake up with no problem in the morning.

Go to Bed Earlier

We all know that going to bed does not mean falling asleep. You have millions of things to do from watching a movie to reading a book or texting friends. Therefore, you should set your biological clock to go to sleep at a certain time.

To do that, you need to go to bed even earlier. For example, if you need to wake up at 8 a.m., you should fall asleep at 12 a.m. at the latest. Thus, it makes sense to go to bed at 10 or 11 p.m. to have time for your regular activities.

However, do not bring your work or studies to your bed. This is your rest zone, mind this.

Do Not Go to Bed with Your Phone

Smartphones and the Internet really devour our time and we often don't notice that. Just think of it: you go to bed with your phone and another hour just flies away. You, however, could have spent that hour sleeping and recovering your energy.

Thus, leave your phone somewhere out of reach. The farther it is, the better. It will also be harder for you to ignore the alarm.

Do Not Let Yourself Oversleep

The biggest mistake students make is letting themselves sleep for a few extra minutes. When the alarm rings, you try to set it up to repeat the signal later. This often ends badly and you oversleep.

Do not oversleep. Unsplash

Choose a different strategy. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than the time you must wake up. Then let yourself stay in bed for these 10 minutes but don't fall asleep again. Take this time to shrug off the sleepiness. It really helps to put yourself together while causing no harm to your biological rhythm.

Go and Wash Your Face When You Wake Up

Cosmetologists advise washing your face under cool water to keep your skin healthy. However, it's beneficial for you in different ways. The sooner you wash your face when you wake up, the more awake you feel all day.

However, make sure you use cool or even cold water for it. It not only wakes you up from a warm and comfortable sleep but also turns your inner resources on and fills you up with the energy you've been looking for.

Follow Your Morning Routine

Morning exercises will keep you young and healthy for a long time. Also, they will channel the energy to every muscle and vein in your body. After a great warm-up, you won't feel like getting back in bed.

Based on your regular program and habits, proceed with your morning rituals. Do make-up, cook some breakfast, pick your best outfit, or do whatever it is you regularly do. Yet, do not procrastinate. Seize the moment and prepare yourself for an active day for your college days.

Final Tip: Be Consistent in Your Desire to Wake Up Fresh

If it really bothers you when you feel bad in the morning and has to drag yourself to lectures, be consistent in your desire to get rid of the sleepy mode. Wake up earlier day by day and develop morning rituals that would make you feel more awake. Enjoy your mornings and never take them as a punishment.

It's okay to mess up one day and stay late with your friends. However, do not let this become your new reality. The better night's sleep you have, the more productive you feel in the morning.

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